10 things you didn’t know about…Altrex Auto Accessories

Welcome to the next part of our new series of automotive related trivia where we reveal 10 little known facts about cars, makes and models, manufacturers and motoring in general.

Altrex are Australian vendors of number plate protectors, window tint and other car care products and have a been a valuable partner with Behind the Wheel.

So, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Altrex Auto Accessories:

  1. Altrex was established in 1991
  2. Most of our staff have worked in the business for over 10 years
  3. We are a proud family business employing local people for over 25 years
  4. Altrex Number Plate Protectors was our first range of products and remain our most successful product to date
  5. Our number plate protectors are fully Australian made which is unique in our industry
  6. Every major automotive accessory retailer stocks our number plate protectors
  7. We have the widest range of colours and finishes of number plate protectors in Australia
  8. Altrex sells more DIY window tint than anyone else!
  9. By far, our top selling air freshener is the Little Trees Black Ice – one of the world’s most popular auto air fresheners
  10. Altrex has been an advertising partner with Behind the Wheel since 2013
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Simon Lai

Simon is a writer and sometime contributor to the podcast. He also takes care of video production and product reviews. He met Joel through radio school and has worked with him on other ventures, reading news, producing and presenting radio content for regional networks. Simon doesn’t profess to be a car nut but enjoys driving first and foremost and has a penchant for hot hatches. He helps to provide the everyday-man perspective.

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