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2013 Jaguar XFR Review

Chris Miller reviews the Jaguar XFR.

2013 Jaguar XFR Review

There are few cars as arousing to the primal instinct as the latest Jaguar XFR.

Endowed with a sonorous 375kw Supercharged V8, the pace of this car is utterly staggering. More surprising is the wonderful control the Jag provides with brilliant balance, a superb suspension tune and great steering.

Don’t kid yourself though; this is a prohibitively expensive car that borders on ridiculous.

Without any options you’ll need to cough up $189,900 (plus on roads) to get incredible reserves of power that can rarely be exploited on Australian roads, an insatiable thirst for premium unleaded and “look at me” styling that draws plenty of attention.

That said, it is because it’s so extreme that the XFR is so appealing.

The 5.0 litre supercharged V8 is a superb engine that’ll happy spin smoothly all the way to the 6500 rpm redline, and will get you to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds.

The noise is intoxicating…the guttural V8 rumble is always accompanied by an infectious whine from the supercharger.

You’ll find yourself seeking out tunnels and underground car parks just to get more of the sound.

Hooked up to an intuitive and fluid 8-speed electronic automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift and JaguarDrive Selector, the XFR seems to always be in the right gear.

Immense fun can be had with the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel to bring the Jag back down through the gears, with an automatic blip of the throttle that just adds to the inspiring soundtrack.

Our test car consumed 14.2 litres of premium unleaded per 100km, even with the assistance of the standard stop-start system, which was a little clunky in operation.

Easing your foot off the brake fires the big V8 back into life, although if you’re too quick to hit the gas you end up with a take-off that can be a bit jerky.

On the road the Jaguar XFR is happy on any surface in any conditions.

Considering its cornering ability the ride is beautifully compliant, even on 20 inch wheels wrapped in 35 profile tyres.

The steering is well weighted and responds instantly to any input while providing terrific feedback. Body roll is almost non existence and the delicateness of the control belies the Jaguar’s size – wherever you point it, it will go.

With 375kw, the way the XFR gets the power to the ground is almost unbelievable.

Sure you’ll get a bit of wheel spin if you really tramp the right foot, but the trick electronic differential will have you can reaching mind bending speeds in an instant.

This car would be perfect to enter into a drifting competition, with an entirely predictable back end that is happy to swing around, but is always controllable.

2013 Jaguar XFR Review

Like all Jaguar XF’s, the interior of the XFR is a highlight.

Beautifully finished and with plenty of high end materials and great quality leather, it’s a place where you’ll enjoy spending time. You’d expect plenty of standard fare in car asking for $208,590, and while there is plenty of kit, there is a bit missing.

You will get;

  • Sport Mode, Winter Mode and Dynamic Mode
  • Adaptive Dynamics, Active Differential, Cruise control with Automatic Speed Limiter
  • 825 watt Meridian Surround Sound System
  • Twin bonnet louvres with ‘SUPERCHARGED’ motif
  • Quad exhaust pipes
  • 20″ Nevis alloy wheels with ‘SUPERCHARGED’ motif
  • Heated power-fold door mirrors and auto-dimming rear-view mirror
  • Bi-function HID Xenon headlamps with washers and integrated cornering lights
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Keyless start and entry
  • 18/18 way power-adjustable front seats with memory function and heating and cooling
  • Suede Headlining
  • Automatic climate control
  • Phosphor blue halo illumination
  • 7 inch colour Touch-screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

Without forking out even more cash you’ll have to go without a sunroof, adaptive cruise control and crash mitigation systems.

The XFR has some serious competitors in the shape of BMW’s M5, Mercedes AMG E63 and Audi’s RS6, all serious performance cars.

While the XFR does miss out on some of the tech found in its German rivals, all feel more clinical and with lack personality when compared with the Jag.

The XFR competes on par with the Germans in a performance sense and does everything else in beautiful British style.

Yes it’s ridiculous in its extremes, and in spite of the fact that it makes very little sense, the Jaguar XFR is a car that is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with.


Engine: 5.0 litre supercharged V8 developing 375kW and 625Nm

Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3 years

Origin: United Kingdom

Price: From $189,900

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