2015 Ford Kuga gets new Ecoboost engines

2015 Ford Kuga gets new Ecoboost engines

New engines coming soon to Ford Kuga line-up.

2015 Ford Kuga gets new Ecoboost engines
Ford says the new 176kW EcoBoost engine offers 44kW and 107Nm over the 2.5 litre unit on the Toyota RAV4 with comparable economy.

The Ford Kuga will soon offer new high-output Ecoboost engines, a move Ford says has been driven by customer feedback.

Set to be introduced into the Kuga range in January next year, Ford is yet to confirm whether the changes will alter Kuga pricing.

Here are the details;

In the base model Kuga Ambiente the previous 1.6 Ecoboost engine will be replaced with a 1.5 litre unit that delivers the same power and torque (110kW and 240Nm), but fuel consumption drops 0.4L/100kms to a combined 6.3L/100kms.

The higher output Ecoboost engine in the AWD Kuga Ambiente also drops to a 1.5 litre capacity and while again power and torque stays the same (134kW and 240Nm), fuel consumption drops 0.1L/100kms to 7.6L/100kms.

Finally, the Kuga Trend and Titanium will see a significant lift in power and torque. The two models will boast a 2.0 litre Ecoboost engine that produces 176kW and 340Nm, significantly more than the current 1.6 litre power plant that puts out just 134kW and 240Nm.

Fuel consumption in the premium grade versions of the Kuga rises 0.6L/100kms to a combined 8.6L/100kms.

Ford Australia Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service Graeme Whickman says Kuga buyers will appreciate the benefits of the new engine choices.

“The new high-output 176 kW EcoBoost engine compliments the outstanding driving dynamics the Ford Kuga is already widely known for,”

“Performance and driving dynamics can’t be measured until you drive a vehicle and this is an area where the new Kuga will really impress customers.”

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Joel Helmes