2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review

Joel Helmes road tests and reviews the 2015 Ford Mondeo.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

I don’t normally comment too much on vehicle styling as it really is quite a subjective topic. But this new 2015 Ford Mondeo is one impressive looking vehicle!

Perhaps the photos don’t quite do it justice, but the Ford Mondeo now finally has the styling to really get noticed in the mid-size market and I think it might just find more buyers than ever before in Australia.

Available in three specification levels – Ambiente, Trend and Titanium, the new 2015 Ford Mondeo range is priced from $32,790.

Engine choice is simple – 149kW/345Nm 2.0 litre turbo petrol or 132kW/400Nm 2.0 litre turbo-diesel.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

We will check out the lower-spec and petrol versions of the Ford Mondeo in coming weeks, first up though Ford Australia handed us the keys to the top of the range Titanium diesel.

Priced from $49,340 this is a model that really doesn’t want for any extra standard features.

If you opt for the Mondeo wagon in Titanium grade you get sat-nav, reverse camera, powered tailgate, digital radio, sunroof, heated and electric front seats, auto park assist, key in pocket central locking, push button ignition and LED headlights and tail-lights.

It is also comes with a full complement of safety gear including forward/pedestrian collision warning and auto-braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitors, front and rear parking sensors and even air-bags in the rear seat-belts for added protection in the event of a crash.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

Not surprisingly, the new Mondeo boasts a full five star ANCAP safety rating across the range.

So, what’s it like to drive? Well, in the main, this is a very impressive offering.

The diesel engine has plenty of low down grunt and more than enough power to get it moving efficiently around town. I average a touch over 7.0L/100km in a week of city driving and you really can’t complain about that either.

The steering is perhaps a touch vague on centre, though a terrific turning circle makes the Mondeo an easy car to manoeuvre around town.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

I thought the six-speed automatic transmission was nicely matched to the engine, just one complaint though – it was a little slow in finding drive or reverse.

The ride is adjustable through three settings – Sport, Comfort and Normal and with quite a firm feeling chassis the Mondeo provides a good mix of sportiness when required and comfort at other times.

The 45 Series tyres on the Titanium grades 18” alloy wheels don’t provide a lot of bump and crack absorption though and this lets it down a little. The low profile tyres don’t give you very much protection against scratches on gutters etc. too (the trade-off of getting the top-spec model).

One thing I wasn’t overly impressed with though, and it is something you should think about when test driving a Mondeo, is the engine stop/start feature.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

Lacking a dedicated override button (which most cars have), I felt the engine stop/start system in the Mondeo was a touch intrusive and annoying. The engine shuts down as soon as you stop; if you want the engine to start you release some pressure on the brake pedal.

The only issue is that to get the engine restarted the amount of brake force required often had the Mondeo creeping forward (particularly when pointing downhill), put your foot down again and the engine turns off again.

This might sound trivial but when the engine is switched off the air-conditioning gets stuffy and I could imagine on hot summer days this could really prove a frustration. True, you can go in and turn-off engine stop/start in the settings but you would need to do this every time you restart the car!

Aside from that, one other complaint and it comes as a direct result of that stand-out new Mondeo styling. The sweeping A pillars and low roof-line makes getting in and out of the front seats quite difficult.

2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review
2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Diesel Review.

It’s almost sports car like and if you are on the tall side you will particularly notice and most likely make a habit of bumping your head. This issue is exacerbated in the Titanium grade model as the sunroof creates a lower roof lining in that same vicinity.

Aside from that legroom front and back, cabin storage areas and boot space are all passable and the general fit and finish and feel of the new Ford Mondeo is above average.

Summing it up; the new Ford Mondeo is a genuinely impressive offering. It drives great, has plenty of standard features, terrific safety credentials and looks better than just about anything else in the mid-size car market. Competitive pricing and plenty of choice between model grades are also highlights.

The inconvenience posed by those sweeping A pillars/low roof-line and the overly sensitive engine stop/start system take a couple of points off what is what the best cars I’ve come across so far in 2015.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium diesel

Engine: 2.0 litre turbo-diesel producing 132kW/400Nm

Transmission: Six-speed automatic (only)

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3yrs/100,000kms

Origin: Spain

Price: Titanium from $44,290

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