2015 Hyundai i30 Review

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

Simon Lai road tests and reviews the 2015 Hyundai i30.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

It isn’t hard to see why the 2015 Hyundai i30 was recently announced as last month’s bestselling car in Australia.

With a range of variants, trendy styling, practicality, quality, safety and of course value for money, the i30 has always been floating around the top of the list of popular cars but has finally come up trumps.

Albeit, most of the i30s sold are at the lower end of the price scale, there are features and options for those who want a little more comfort.

I was given the keys to both the 2.0L petrol SR manual (RRP $25,590) and the 1.6L diesel Premium auto ($34,490). Basically a sample of the broad i30 range dished up in two servings.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

Both offerings come with push button start, proximity smart key, Hyundai’s standard touchscreen with satnav, dual climate controlled A/C, headlamp washers and leather seats.

Engine noise from inside the cabin for both models was louder than I’d experienced in other cars and the diesel rattle in the Premium was noticeable.

Acceleration was a bit laboured low down in the diesel in particular, displaying a fair amount of turbo lag. To get any purchase out of it you really have to step on it.


2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

The new diesel model has a dual clutch system which is definitely smooth but the transmission doesn’t have the best decision making especially while rolling at low speeds.

Other than that the ride is comfortable with great suspension.

Keeping running costs low will be easy in either one if the week I spent in each was anything to go by, recording 8L/100km in the petrol and a note worthy 6.5L/100km in the diesel.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review. Old vs New

The diesel Premium had a facelift earlier in the year which really only equates to a new, more aggressive grille. The premium is also equipped with heated and ventilated seats, electric park brake and a full panoramic roof.

Aside from the front end, the exterior styling is pretty much the same with the attracting moulding down the side in line with handles, large fog lamps and bulging rear.

For a more in depth look at the Premium Diesel, check out Garry’s review.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

To the insides and space and storage is at a premium with good legroom front and back even for a car this size. You won’t be short of a place to put stuff with a decent sized glovebox, long door pockets, rear seat pockets and a covered cup holder in the Premium.

Adequate boot space adds to the i30s versatility and is wide and easy to access and comes with a cargo net.

The centre dash is a vertical orientation which tapers down to the gear stick that sits in front of an open storage well and accessible auxiliary ports common to all Hyundai’s.

A/C controls are button controlled with a dial for power surrounding a small display screen.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review. SR (L) and Premium (R).

Driver info is comprehensive and in colour which my colleague Joel thinks is the best going round. Selections can be made via the contoured, shallow press steering wheel controls which also operate cruise control and three steering modes, normal, eco and sport.

One thing to note about the manual is the smartly designed gear stick namely the reverse lever. Hyundai have made this a button positioned at the front with no gap so that means no more pinched fingers or having to push down on the stick when preparing to back up.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review. Rear badge rotates to reveal reversing camera.

Another feature unique to the i30 is the reversing camera. Hidden behind the rear logo, both rotate to expose the camera when shifting into reverse. Novel and gimmicky, there is a slight delay in displaying the image and there is a very audible motor sound from inside the cabin.

Overall, the 2015 Hyundai i30 is a safe, reliable offering and always an important option to consider when buying a small car. Although I found the acceleration a little lacklustre, this shouldn’t detract from what is more than sufficient for everyday purposes that can also be obtained with a range of great features.

2015 Hyundai i30 Review
2015 Hyundai i30 Review

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Hyundai i30

Engine: 1.8 litre petrol producing 107kW and 175Nm or

2.0 litre petrol producing 124kW and 201Nm or

1.6 litre turbo diesel producing 94kW and 260Nm

Transmission: Six-speed manual or seven-speed auto

Warranty: 5 year Unlimited km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: South Korea

Price: From $24,590

For further information, please see Recalls and faults: Hyundai GD i30.

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