2015 Infiniti QX80 beauty in the beast?

2015 Infiniti QX80 beauty in the beast?

The 2015 Infiniti QX80 looks like a big muscly bodybuilder, but does it have a soft centre?

The external styling couldn’t be more macho and it’s more than a little intimidating when you first get up close, not just the styling, but the overall size of the thing!

Sure, size doesn’t matter (or so they say), so when I grabbed the keys to the new eight-seat luxury 4×4 from Infiniti I wasn’t at all sure how this was going to work out.

It’s a monster to climb into, this is not a car designed for girls wearing mini-skirts! But once I slipped inside I felt quite at ease. I’ve owned a Toyota LandCruiser myself so I’m used to a sizeable ride, I reckon though that the Infiniti is even bigger.

A cabin stylishly appointed with quality leather, nice silver and wood highlights and trim and a general feeling of being at home in a nice comfy chair abounds.

I wasn’t surprised that the cabin was so roomy given the size of the Infiniti, though with eight big seats and DVD screens in the back – this is the ultimate family getaway vehicle!

I loved the standard sunroof (a must for me), heated and ventilated seats and really easy to use sat-nav system were just the icing on the cake.

Ok, ok, the Infiniti QX80 uses a lot of petrol, but if you’ve got this sort of money (it’s priced from $110,900!) and a bunch of people to ferry around, then it’s worth every drop.

Very plush, very exclusive and a real softy under that muscly exterior, the Infiniti QX80 brings a smile to a girls face.

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