2015 Skoda Yeti Active Review

2015 Skoda Yeti Road Test and Review…

This is the age of the individual and the 2015 Skoda Yeti is certainly that.

The Yeti is classified as an SUV but really offers so much more than your standard SUV, thanks primarily to that quite square rear-end and configurable rear seat.

The five-seat Skoda Yeti is priced from $23,490 and there are four different variables on offer.

There’s also a choice of three engines – 1.2 litre turbo-petrol, 1.4 litre turbo-petrol and a 2.0 litre turbo-diesel comes online in the flagship Skoda Yeti Outdoor.

The Outdoor is also the only all-wheel drive variant.

I had a week getting about in the Active grade of the Yeti, that’s an offering powered by the smaller 77kW/175Nm 1.2 litre petrol engine.

It’s also the only grade of the Yeti that is offered with a choice of manual or auto transmission.

Claimed combined fuel consumption is 6.0L/100kms and that’s pretty much exactly what I averaged in a week of urban and highway driving.

Speaking of driving, the Skoda Yeti generally gets about without much fuss, even with the relatively small power plant.

Naturally, without a lot of grunt on-hand, overtaking and climbing hills requires a downshift or two.

The ride is generally quite comfortable, though handling is only passable – no great surprise given the relatively tall orientation of the Yeti. The steering though is quite well-weighted.

Inside the cabin, generally I was impressed.

The good points include the comfortable seats, quite excellent visibility for the driver and general roominess.

Standard features include tilt and reach steering adjustment, Bluetooth, keyless ignition, reverse camera and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

In places though the Skoda can be a little bland and dated on the inside, I also noticed that the gear shift is probably located a touch too-close to the climate control knobs and found myself accidentally knocking into them when making a gear change!

I also thought the backseat was just a little frustrating – the Yeti’s claim to fame is the configurable rear seat and yet I found it hard to move and adjust.

Finally, I was also disappointed that the sat-nav system in the car that I had didn’t seem to be programmed with Australian maps and information.

Perhaps check to make sure your Yeti’s GPS is properly programmed before leaving the dealership!

At this stage there isn’t an ANCAP safety rating for the Skoda Yeti.

Summing it up; the 2015 Skoda Yeti is a versatile and unique offering that is well-priced and just the right size for many family and even commercial applications.

The 1.2 litre engine is a little underpowered though, but I did think the Yeti’s suspension and steering help keep it an enjoyable enough vehicle to get about in.

If space, for humans and cargo, is a priority then I would recommend a test drive.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Skoda Yeti Active

Engine: 1.2 litre petrol producing 77kW and 175Nm

Transmission: Six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG auto

Safety: Not tested

Warranty: Three years

Origin: Czech Republic

Price: From $23,490

For further information, please see Recalls and faults: Skoda 5L Yeti.

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