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2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review

Simon Lai road tests and reviews the Suzuki S-Cross GLX.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

The name says it all really.

The 2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX is a compact crossover SUV. Not much bigger than a sedan, it possess the SUV styling and a slightly higher driving position.

Personally, I question their necessity and always seemed to me a strange size but with the decline in production of the station wagon this segment is going to be the best bet.

The S-Cross range all have a 1.6L engine that deals out 86kW and 156Nm. I found the acceleration low down had a bit of a delay and was only moderately better at cruising speed.

Braking is good and handling and steering is a tad unsure but not unmanageable.

The vehicle in my possession had a few extra ‘kays’ on it but in spite of this performed at a respectable level achieving a fuel economy of just on 7L/100km compared with the combined economy of 5.8L.

A CVT transmission has good range with 7-speeds which may be overridden by steering mounted paddle shifters.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

Driver info screen and gauges are clear and the rest of the dash is simple and uncluttered.

Another plus is the same impressive touchscreen found in the Swift. Not much to look at but sat nav, audio and other controls were easy to use and with practically immediate responsiveness.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

Steering wheel controls are also the same but the A/C module has dual climate control and neat, well laid-out buttons.

The S-Cross has the obligatory cup holders but another nice feature were the nicely moulded and angled bottle holders in each door. Storage is otherwise average and the boot space is decent complete with underfloor compartment.

Standard in the mid-spec GLX are 16 inch alloy wheels, satellite navigation, rear parking sensors and reversing camera as well as daytime running lights.

Other cool touches are the folding mirrors, slide-out centre armrest and pop-out headlamp washers.

The top of the range is the GLX Prestige which comes with the additional sunroof, leather interior and AWD capabilities which makes the Suzuki more of the vehicle you expect from a crossover. Make note AWD is also an option in the GLX.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX Review.

Pricing starts at $22,990 for the base model GL, $29,990 for the GLX, while the Prestige comes in at $34,990.

The Suzuki S-Cross GLX is another one of those cars that isn’t a standout in any particular area, but it is one that can get the job done. Uncomplicated, practical and with a little more space and height, you won’t be ‘cross’ with this one.



NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Suzuki S-Cross GLX

Engine: 1.6 litre petrol producing 86kW and 156Nm

Transmission: CVT automatic

Warranty: 3 Years/100,000km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: Hungary

Price: From $29,990

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