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2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-S Review

We road test and review the Suzuki Vitara RT-S

I hadn’t been inside the Suzuki Vitara since its launch last September until I got behind the wheel of the 2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-S this week.

It was good to cast a closer eye over my first impressions on the model that made it’s reappearance on the market in a new consciousness.

The Suzuki Vitara RT-S is the entry level spec of the range and is priced from $23,990.

For this amount of dough, the interior is kitted out in hard black plastic and fabric seats – so it’s a basic affair.

But as a welcome inclusion you do get a touch screen that has great response and fast Bluetooth connectivity; one of the best, I’ve found, in the market.

The rest of the dash features grey panelling, circular vents and an analogue clock in the middle of the top dash.

Paddle shifters can be found on the steering wheel along with all the required button operations.

Comfort for the driver is acceptable with well padded seats, high headroom and average legroom but it’s a bit restrictive for back passengers though there are deep foot wells.

Storage spaces are also satisfactory and the boot is size you’d expect in this size car.

Other notable features are rear view camera, DRLs, fog lamps, roof rails and 17” alloy wheels.

I did have one issue with the doors which would always half close when I shut them. The momentum and weigh of the door weren’t enough and needed more force to close. But this was a minor flaw.

One good thing is that I found the Suzuki Vitara didn’t have the tracking problem I encountered at the launch drive.

The vehicle always needed adjustment in a straight line but I’ll put it down to a one off thing.

Speaking of the drive, it was pleasing all round with acceleration that is quite spritely if a little noisy.

Powered by a 1.6L petrol engine the Vitara deals out a humble 86kW and 156Nm but gets the most out of it.

Steering is smooth and has good weight, though a bit vague it still has enough control of the car.

Being small with a small engine, consumptions is economical at an impressive 6.7L/100km.

The 2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-S is a great starting point with a great price and definitely serves well as an affordable small SUV.

NUTS and BOLTS 2016 Suzuki Vitara RT-S

Engine: 1.6L petrol producing 86kW and 156Nm

Transmission: Six-speed sports automatic

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: Hungary

Price: From $23,990

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