February 15, 2020

2017 BMW 640i Coupe Review

2017 BMW 6 Series Coupe Road Test And Review…

The 2017 BMW 6 Series Coupe immediately reminds you of the days of the classic tourer.

I’m talking big, long and luxurious two-door coupes of the past, like those produced by Bugatti back in the early days and Cadillac in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The BMW of 2017 is of course a car with a lot more technology (and dare I say refinement) but it still makes you feel very special when driving around in it.

BMW Australia held a drive day for Australian media partners last week and had a huge selection of their vehicles on offer.

I made a dash for the BMW i8 electric super car and enjoyed a 10 minute experience in a truly remarkable car.

But as good as the futuristic i8 was, my eyes had been set on the 640i the whole day.

This was my first experience in a BMW 6 Series and I felt right at home from the get-go.

The 640i Coupe is long and it feels it from the driver’s seat.

The bonnet, like those earlier classic coupes, seems to stretch on forever.

And while the overall proportions are large, the cabin is a usable size, but really only for two people in comfort.

Is that such a bad thing? No, there is no better car to hit the open highway in with just the one passenger on-board.

It cruises along wonderfully at speed and hills are easily put into the rear-view mirror by the 450Nm on tap.

Quiet, refined and plenty powerful too.

Under the bonnet is one of my favourite engines - BMW‘s 3.0 litre turbo-petrol straight-six engine.

Producing 235kW/450Nm, it doesn’t feel quite as lively in the large coupe as it does in the small/lighter BMW siblings like the 2 Series (as you would quite rightly expect), however it still moves along with plenty of gusto.

This is especially the case when you flick the drive mode over to ‘Sport’.

There is a very different personality in the harder-edged drive mode with stiffer suspension and more agressive shift patterns.

Best of both worlds? Just about.

Another bonus in that sports mode is a wonderful grumble and growl from the exhaust, where did that soft and almost regal classic coupe go? It’s still there - just a push of a button away.

The big BMW also grips nicely and the handling is surprisingly good too.

There are some things with the current series car that might disappoint you a little though.

It’s no spring chicken and it feels it just a bit inside. For example the car comes with an ashtray and some dashboard details that are looking a bit 2011, rather than 2017.

It’s also not the best car in the world for visibility from the driver’s seat - the ‘A’ pillars are big and chunky and the rear window is rather sloppy and narrow.

While the glove box is certainly on the small side as well.

On the plus inside the cabin are the seats, the iDrive infotainment system and the fully-digital instruments.

Summing it up; the 2017 BMW 6 Series Coupe/640i is a big softy with plenty of class, but under the skin is a snarling beast that likes to be let out of the cage occasionally too.

I can now see why this BMW offering is regularly on the podium in the Australian luxury/sports car segment.

NUTS and BOLTS - 2017 BMW 640i Coupe

Engine: 3.0 litre turbo producing 235kW/450Nm

Transmission: Eight-speed auto

Safety: Not tested

Warranty: Three years

Origin: Germany

Price: from $179,500

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  1. I am the proud owner of a 640i and I couldn’t agree more with Joel’s positive observations of what is to me a stunning car. I have looked everywhere though for the ash tray Joel’s talks about but I can’t find it. I need him to tell me where it is mainly because the car is a little short on storage compartments and I could use the space to put things other than ashes in as I don’t smoke.

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