February 24, 2020

2017 Mazda2 Neo Review

2017 Mazda2 Neo Road Test and Review…

Well here it easy, the access point into the Mazda line-up - the Mazda2 Neo.

By definition this is the ground floor, yet I’m pleased to say you really don’t feel shortchanged in what is a like-able little budget-price offering from the ever-rising Japanese car company.

We’re talking about a price of just $14,990! How cheap is that?

I had the keys to the most affordable offering, the manual, and I actually enjoyed driving it.

It’s easy to drive, just the right size and more than willing if you’re happy to really drive it.

For a young driver the Mazda2 Neo is ideal.

Better than you might expect legroom all-round, a decent-sized boot, top safety credentials and all in a stylish little package.

2017 Mazda2 Neo ReviewThere are some compromises, no sat-nav, or reverse camera, no auto headlights, no auto wipers and you don’t get a centre armrest or storage bin either.

Oh, and at this end of the market you have to be happy with plastic wheel covers.

But there’s no compromise on safety - a five star ANCAP safety rating features across the Mazda2 line-up.

Rear parking sensors are a great addition (especially without a rear camera), and you get Bluetooth, a good sound system, easy to locate/convenient AUX/USB inputs, voice commands and power windows/mirrors.

The glove box is of a good size, though the door pockets are really only large enough for a water bottle.

Generally quite good visibility as well, though the chunky A pillars do need to be looked around at times - just take a little extra care with that 3/4 visibility.

The fit and finish and feel of the cabin is reminiscent of much more expensive models and the ride, steering and turning circle are terrific.

Fuel economy? Great too - I averaged 7.5L/100km in my week of city driving.

If you want the auto transmission you’re up for an extra $2,000 and Soul Red Metallic is the only metallic/premium paint colour that comes at a premium - only $250.

The Mazda2 Neo offers first time car buyers, those on a budget, or anyone who just likes practical/no-frills motoring the chance to have a safe, quality car for well under $20,000.

2017 Mazda2 Neo ReviewNUTS and BOLTS - 2017 Mazda2 Neo

Engine: 1.5 litre petrol producing 79kW and 139Nm

Transmission: Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: Three years

Origin: Thailand

Price: from $14,990

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10 Comments on 2017 Mazda2 Neo Review

  1. 2017 Mazda Neo2 is indeed the best car for the new generation. Especially that traffic these days is quite annoying in most countries, the size of this car is just perfect for it. You will not get stranded that easily as with its size, you can just easily squeeze the vehicle. The auto transmission in the Mazda2 is already affordable but if you get the manual version, you will save at lease $250. So take your pick!

  2. Great! It’s nice to see a car that is safe on the road, but has six-speeds and a reliable engine. Saving money on fuel economy is an ultimate plus and I like the fact that the steering and turning circle is above par.

  3. What an innovative sports car! I like the rear parking sensors and the Bluetooth sound system. Any car with this many specialty features is a winner in my books.

  4. Now this is a good car for people like me. I have driven the older version of Mazda 2 and it’s worth driving especially when living in the city. This new Mazda 2 Neo has a very slick design and it’s awesome. It’s definitely value for money

  5. Very nice car! I really wanted to have such car, given that the looks is spectacular, it’s fuel saver as well and the inside is so cool with all the safety features which is very important for a driver.

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