2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX Review

2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX road test and review…

The Suzuki Ignis is much like a platypus in the 18th century, in that we aren’t quite sure what it is.

Billed as an SUV (a very, very small one), it seems much more like a hatchback with an SUV shape.

In any case, under the microscope was the upper spec 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX following on from Joel’s brief look at it at the Australian launch.

I had an extended run of it to see how it fared after two weeks of daily life.

And the verdict…..I quite like this little car.

The Ignis GLX is very liveable and easy to drive, not mention it’s fitted with some not-so-basic features.

So it doesn’t have a lot of power from the small 1.2L engine but it makes the most of the peak 66kW and 120Nm, small size and light weight.

Although, when the Ignis does gain some momentum it can move along.

The plus side is because of small engine, size and weight, fuel economy is great at 16.3km/L (or 6.1L/100km).

This goes a long way in spite of the modest 32L fuel tank.

Parking and general manoeuvrability is a breeze due to the short and compact length and narrow body.

However, there is a space compromise and the Suzuki Ignis can only fit four passengers, though this means the two in the back will have a bit more personal space.

The rear seat split in the GLX is a strange 50/50 and I had no probs with a baby seat.

Storage in the boot is clearly cut down too with enough space to fit only three boxes of nappies (which has now become my yardstick). You can extend still small space by sliding the rear seats forward.

The Suzuki Ignis GLX comes with some surprising spec and cool styling.

Unexpectedly the top of the range GLX possesses keyless entry, push button start, a touch screen with sat nav, reverse camera and Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto.

Internal flair is chic and modern with white panelling contrasting the black and in my case, red highlights on door handles and outlines reflecting the exterior colour.

Dashboard switch gear are pretty cool especially the A/C controls in a semi-aviation style layout.

One weird trait though is the speedometer gauge which has a range up to 200kph and not just cos the Ignis won’t reach those lofty heights but the meter stops at the 2 o’clock mark meaning looking at the 60 or 80kph mark (where you’ll spend most of your time) is a lot harder to see.

You get all of that for less than $20k starting from $18,990. The GL version comes in auto and manual.

Despite lack of power and space, the Suzuki Ignis GLX is a pretty cool car, fun and fuss free and serves as a great ‘A to B’ car with that little bit extra.

It would be better with a more powerful turbo engine. Fingers crossed.

NUTS and BOLTS 2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX

Engine: 1.2L petrol producing 66kW and 120Nm

Transmission: CVT

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km

Safety: Not yet tested

Origin: Japan

Price: From $18,990



  1. I am familiar with Suzuki. However, it is just on the bikes department. This looks good but Suzuki has never been known foe cars. With that said my verdict is still unknown until I use it myself.

  2. Looks like a bold choice. The interior design is really impressive and I like that it can fit into narrow spaces when parking. While it looks like a reliable car with good fuel economy, I’m not in love with the style and I agree that for a smaller car it should pack a more heated engine. I’ll keep it in mind though for long trips when I could use a bigger trunk.

  3. Wow! 16.3KM/L is a huge advantage, especially for long drives! It looks compact but very chic and filled with advanced technology too. I like the dashboard design because, despite its small SUV aura, its design is very futuristic.

  4. $18990 is a good price for an SUV, though I doubt that it really is. I like this car merely for its lightness. But I guess it would have been better if it has the 1-litre 3-cylinder engine option.

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