2018 BMW Z4 revealed?

BMW uses Facebook to preview new Z4

The above car looks almost certain to be the all-new BMW Z4.

Posted on the BMW Facebook page this morning, the image shows a roadster model that looks a pretty much spot on representation of the teaser sketch of the new-gen model released a little over a fortnight ago.

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The new Z4 was co-developed by Toyota as part of a design partnership between the German and Japanese car manufacturers.

It’s believed the platform that the new Z4 sits upon will also be used as the basis of the long-promised and often-rumored Toyota Supra.

It’s also rumoured that the new-gen BMW Z4 will welcome a plug-in hybrid version - though this is yet to be confirmed.

Expect turbo-charged four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines in the new roadster, along with an M version.

BMW say the new Z4 will be unveiled in Los Angeles on Thursday local time, we will bring you all the details as they come to hand in our BMW Z4 News section.

BMW has also confirmed it will be unveiling the much-anticipated 8 Series at the same Pebble Beach event.

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