Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport Wagon not happening

FCA executive rules out a wagon version of new Alfa Romeo offering…

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sport Wagon not happening

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia won’t be offered as a station wagon (or sport wagon).

Automotive News is reporting Alfredo Altavilla, head of FCA Europe, Middle East and Africa region, has told reporters that the rumoured wagon version won’t happen.

“We have decided not to make a Giulia Sport Wagon.”

The main reason why it won’t go ahead? Because it would be too similar to the brands first SUV – the Stelvio, according to Mr Altavilla.

Check out some early details on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV here.

The news comes just a day after the Giulia QV was named a future classic (details here).

The estate/wagon/sport wagon version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia was expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and was set to compete primarily against the BMW 3 Series Touring.

That was based on earlier comments made by Alfa Romeo brand head Reid Bigland.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is available now in Australia, prices start from $59,895 and you can get all the specification details for the new model here.

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