Altrex Auto Accessories Mystery Car 332

Altrex Auto Accessories Mystery Car 332

Altrex Auto Accessories Mystery Car 332.

Altrex Mystery Car 332 - Altrex Auto Accessories has a wide variety of products available.

Each week Altrex Auto Accessories give us a great prize pack to giveaway and we want you to be a winner!

Altrex Auto Accessories offers a massive range of products, including their famous number plate protectors and screw locks, an extensive range of quality car cleaning and protection products, and even accessories such as the impressive Skinz window tint and external protection kits.

Available from over 1000 auto accessory retailers nationally, you can even go shopping for Altrex products right now in their own online shop!

All you need to do for a chance to be this week’s winner is tell us what car this is…

I was in continuous production from the early 1970’s until around 2002.

Over the years I did feature a few different engine types, though I was primarily powered by four-cylinder petrol engines.

In the 1980’s you could buy essentially the exact same version of me from two different manufacturers.

I was never built in Australia, though in my early generations I was built in New Zealand.

If you know what car that is, then pop your answer into the Disqus comments box below. Good luck!

(Winner will be drawn at random, don’t forget to provide a working email address so we can contact you. This competition closes 24th February 2015). 

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