Another Honda Civic Hatch Owner Reports Brake Issues

Another Honda Civic Hatch Owner Reports Brake Issues

After helping Behind the Wheel Reader, Cynthia, with some help regarding issues with the brakes on her Honda Civic Hatch (check out the details and Honda‘s reply here), we received this email from John…


I just spent $450.00 on new rear rotors and pads at 30,000km and the they informed me the front rotors and pads will need replacement at 40,000km. I have never replaced rotors at this early stage and to be honest I am quite annoyed that a car of this caliber has such a defect.

I know the brakes are set for Euro winters, but Australia is not Europe.

I am inclined to take the matter to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) as the vehicle is basically “not fit for purpose”.

Id be interested if Honda is going to address this problem.

Thank you John, we will pass on your email to the PR department at Honda and report on their response.

Update - reply from Honda Australia:

The Honda Civic hatch is fully imported from Europe, and has been engineered to provide outstanding braking performance in all conditions.  

Life expectancy of components such as brakes depend on a number of factors, including the style of the driving and the type of conditions the vehicle is subjected to on a daily basis.

There are no known durability issues regarding Civic Hatch brakes, however Honda Australia recommends that concerned customers should visit their local Honda dealer for an assessment.

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  1. How often you replace front rotors depends on the pads used and the driving style. 40000 km is above the average mileage for that, I think. The strange thing to me is the need to replace the rear rotors first, as the usually last much longer. Someone has been driving that vehicle with the parking brake on I suspect.

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