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ATA disappointed by new industry taxes

Trucking Association says truck and bus industry being overtaxed

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The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says truck and bus operators will again have to pay more than their fair share of tax in the next financial year.

In total, the ATA says the industry stands to be overtaxed through fuel and registration charges to the tune of $189.5 million.

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The claims come after a meeting of transport ministers in Hobart where the ATA Chair, Geoff Crouch, says it was decided to keep gouging the industry.

“We’re an industry of small businesses that are tied up in red tape, overtaxed and then endlessly criticised,”

“Governments had two options for dealing with heavy vehicle charges. They could have continued a two-year freeze on charging revenue, which would have helped our industry by reducing charge rates.

“But they didn’t pick that option. They went for the money, and instead decided to leave charge rates where they are now, resulting in a $189.5 million windfall gain for general government revenue.”

And Mr Crouch tells us the decision was made against the advice of the National Transport Commission.

“To say that industry is disappointed is an understatement. We are very happy to pay our fair share – but no more.”

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