Attractive pedestrians distracting young drivers!

Ford finds 18-24-year old’s most likely to admire good-looking pedestrians

Attractive pedestrians distracting young drivers!

It probably won’t come as a huge shock; however, it is official – younger drivers like perving on good-looking pedestrians.

Ford in Europe has looked at the things that distract younger drivers and the risks they take on the roads, and one of the findings was that many drivers are often distracted by attractive pedestrians.

It was male drivers who admitted that they were the more likely to be distracted.

Young men were found to be three times as likely as young women to be distracted by someone ‘easy on the eye’.

While it was in summer when that habit was most prevalent and when drivers said they were the most relaxed, according to the study conducted by European Road Safety Observatory.

The key findings of the survey of 6,500 young Europeans were:

• 57% admitted having exceeded speed limits
• 43% said they had sent a text while driving
• 36% have taken calls and sent instant messages
• 16% have driven without wearing their seatbelts
• 13% said they had driven after drinking
• 11% have watched videos or TV shows on their devices

Jim Graham is the manager of Ford driver training program ‘Ford Driving Skills for Life’, he says the results were concerning.

“Summer is a great time to enjoy the freedom of driving, which is as much a part of being young today as it was for previous generations.

“But too many young adults are dying in car crashes caused by a combination of inexperience and poor decision making.”

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