Behind the Wheel podcast 359

Peter Hitchener and Chris Miller are ready to bring you the latest Behind the Wheel podcast.

Behind the Wheel podcast 359 - we get a rundown on the new Ford Ranger this week.

This week the guys talk new Ford Ranger. Yep, the immensely popular Ford ute has been given a make-over for 2016 and Peter and Chris are joined by Ford Product Communications Manager Neil McDonald this week to look at what we can expect from the 2016 Ford Ranger.

Over on the other side of the great Australian car divide, Chris has been road testing the Holden SSV Redline ute, catch this week’s show for a review.

Behind the Wheel’s Joel Helmes reports on the best cars for teenagers and he has a good idea to make school zones easier and safer. On two wheels, Steve McDowall looks at Honda‘s upcoming adventure bike, the Africa Twin.

Hear all the latest car news and via [email protected] we help three Behind the Wheel listeners this week with some advice and information.

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