February 15, 2020

Behind the Wheel Podcast 435

Peter, Chris and the team have the latest car podcast for you...

Behind the Wheel Podcast 435

It’s been a big week for Holden fans. The last Aussie-built Commodores have been released and on this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel, we’ll bring you all the details on what to expect and what they’ll cost.

There’s also been confirmation the Commodore will still be available as a wagon when the fully imported version arrives from Europe next year. Mark Flintoff from Holden will fill us in on all the news.

If you’re really keen to spend up big on a Holden, maybe a $170,000 HSV GTSR W1 could be the answer.

Damon Paul from HSV joins Pete and Chris on the show with all the info on their last Commodore-based range of cars.

We brought you news recently on digital license plates - the boss of the company behind the plan, Neville Boston, joins us live from California.

Simon Lai is along with his thoughts on the Hyundai Tuscon Highlander- the top of the range one.

Joel Helmes has been at the launch of the new Isuzu SUV and ute range for 2017 - and he’s been driving another Peugeot - this time the wagon version of the 308.

Rachel Franco has been out buying cars with friends - she’ll bring us some tips on what to expect from the dealer when you go to pick up your new car.

As always, there’s all the latest news and car info from right around the world, and plenty of strong opinions backed up by little evidence! Yes, this Behind the Wheel Car Podcast is ready to go!

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