March 5, 2020

Behind the Wheel Podcast 438

Behind the Wheel Podcast 438

With an official five-star ANCAP rating, and great fuel economy, the latest Behind the Wheel Podcast is raring to go.

Mercedes-Benz are about to go into the ute building business. Called the X-Class, the all new ute is set debut in showrooms next year - Blake Vincent from Mercedes-Benz calls in with all the details.

All-new Toyota lands

Joel Helmes has been at the launch of an important car for Toyota - an all-new crossover called the C-HR.

We’ll find out what it’s like to drive, and we’ll get the thoughts of Stephen Coughlan from Toyota Australia about what the car means to the company.

What’s the 2017 Captiva like?

Simon Lai has been driving the top spec Holden Captiva. While it’s great value for money, is it any good to drive? Simon will answer that question.

Chris and Pete have spent the week dealing with an electric car from BMW - the i3. Treat it like a mobile phone and you can’t go wrong.

The guys explain how to live with a technology that is bound to dominate car showrooms of the future.

Rachel Franco is back!

We’re not entirely sure what she’s got to contribute this week - we’re sure it’ll be something zany!

The Geneva Motor Show is on next week - there’s lots of exciting developments from all sorts of manufacturers - you can get all the juicy details - and a whole lot more on this weeks Behind the Wheel - don’t miss it…

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