Behind the Wheel Podcast 458

This week on the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast we try and name Australia’s best ute.

It’s a huge market, it’s massively profitable for the car companies and consumers are lapping them up, even Mercedes-Benz have entered the fray with the new X-Class.

So what should you look for, how much should you pay and which one is best? Joel Helmes joins the guys to nut it out.

The new Volkswagen Golf is here - well, it’s almost new - it’s the Golf 7.5 and Paul Pottinger from Volkswagen Australia calls in to tell us what to expect.

There’s a new Audi A8 and it can drive itself while you watch TV - at least that’s what Audi have said - Shaun Cleary joins the boys to confirm or deny.

Simon Lai has been impressed by Nissan’s big SUV, the Pathfinder - find out why.

Rachel Franco started her driving career in a paddock in a Subaru Brumby - she relives those days, and chats about the pitfalls of owning a ute - like all your mates ring when they’re moving house - expect lots of hilarity.

Lots of news around this week - some of the top trending car news stories from Behind the Wheel include the most stolen car of the year, new soft top versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT, and how much it actually costs you to find a car park.

We also tackle a listener question from Kim about a used Volkswagen Tiguan and Pete will bring you his take on the 2017 Holden Colorado LTZ.

All that and more on this week’s Behind the Wheel Podcast…

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0458 Transcript:

Yes. This week we tried to name Australia’s best use. Now this is a huge market massively profitable for the car companies and customers are just lapping them up by the looks of things. So what should you look for how much should you pay and which ones are the best.

What’s going to be a really difficult question because of course they’re all pretty similar. They all know three three and a half ton about four 500 meters of talk. They all have pretty wooden steering. They’re all white. They’re all bloody enormous come on as long as credit line. Tell us what you really think about them. Come on be honest. Well the rumour is if there to be proven true we’re going to see Holden colorado‘s with HSV badges on them next year. So that’s tuning shop sir putting chips in them and I don’t know why you’d want to hunt up a gel cap. But there seems to be plenty of people that do want to. So I suppose we’ve got to try and boil it down. What’s the best one to do up and running. The two best selling cars in the country. [42.8]

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