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Behind the Wheel Podcast 462

Pete, Chris and the team with episode 462!

We’ve got a bar of Solvo handy as we roll up our sleeves this week and get dirty with another big episode of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast.

We drive the utterly amazing Lexus LC 500 - a car that seems to draw more attention than a Kardashian!

It’s an amazing V8 tourer that is unlike any car on the road, we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive.

Tyson Young, one of the men behind a revolutionary new app for mechanics called Carisma, joins us with details on what it is and how it works.

Geoff Gwilym, Executive Director of the VACC has news on how independent mechanics are getting - or more likely - not getting, all the info they need about new cars from the manufacturers.

They’re part of the ACCC review that is currently underway and will put the case forward for independent specialists and dealers alike.

A clever fella called Paul Williams, the brains behind the Mobile Tyre Shop, has some thoughts on what it’s like to start a new business in the automotive world in 2017.

We’ll give you the chance to win a copy of a great book - Lonely Planet’s Epic Drives of the World.

Simon Lai has been in baby mode again and has been driving the new Kia Picanto. Is it really the most feature packed micro car on the market?

He’ll also join Rachel Franco and the guys to discuss whether or not you really should be ignoring the low fuel warning light!

And Joel calls in live from the Australian launch of the Volkswagen Golf GTI 7.5 & the latest Golf R.

You’ll also get your dose of the top trending news stories from behindthewheel.com.au including info on a new BMW SUV and an even hotter Ford Focus RS.

Get comfy and settle in for another big instalment of Behind the Wheel!

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0462 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Had to bring a bar a solvo into the studio this week because well it’s time to get the overalls on roll the sleeves up. Yeah. It’s going to be a week where we work on our cars ourselves. [10.4]

[00:00:11] I think it’s a great idea but I think it’s a terrible idea. I mean. Well I can fill it up with petrol or diesel and that’s about it. Well of course there’s been a bit of a focus on our independent repairers. There’s a lot of hardworking blokes out there around the country that are having a bit of a tough time of it. [17.1]

[00:00:28] We heard with dericca the deputy chair of the accc. last week that well the independent guys are having a bit of a hard time getting their hands on the data and the information that it takes to run a new car. And of course if they haven’t got that well it makes it harder for them to fix our cars and particularly in a regional area for example and you know you own whatever car it is and there’s no dealership in your town and you won’t have to drive 400 KS to get your car serviced. It doesn’t make any sense at all. So you want to take it to the bloke down the road and get them to fix it and you just hope that they’ve got the correct information Spesh there’s so much of it is computer driven these days. Well they they’re having trouble getting it and there’s a bit of a movement from as I say the a.s.c. as we heard last week and also from our mates at the VACC. Geoff gwilym executive director of the VACC say he’s going to call in a little later in the show and tell us what the plans are for those guys to kind of help make life easier for not only the mechanics but for us as well. [55.2]

[00:01:23] And speaking of mechanics we speak to Tyson Yang later on in the show he’s one of the people behind a revolutionary new app called charisma. Details on what it is and how it works. Essentially it seems that photographs pics of the work in progress on your car are sent to you or are available at the end of the service so you know where the money went. [19.9]

[00:01:43] Finally you’ll be able to understand why that thing cost it. Maybe not why it cost nine hundred dollars but the 900 dollar part that you didn’t even know you needed. Where it’s gone and what the old ones look like. Now we’ve also got an interesting chat too with a guy called Paul Williams is a come up with a great way to buy ties and I think this is going to revolutionize the industry. I think it could it’s certainly going to make a lot of people happy because they can have the tyres fixed at a time that we can get their weekends back instead of sitting in some grotty tyre shop with you know an old magazine from 1983. Yes. Every bad insert international roast coffee or the international roast people wouldn’t like that. Well I’m sure I don’t like their coffee. Have you tasted it lately. It’s awful. Now we’re driving some amazing cars too. This is the car that I think is. Well it’s definitely a contender of car for car. Even if it is one hundred ninety thousand dollars I don’t know a stupid amount of money. Yeah but what a car it is. I was not ready to love this thing as much as I did. Same here as we speak of the Lexus elsi 500. It’s a coupe or a coupe whatever you want to call it grand tour isn’t it. It is. [1:06.0]

[00:02:49] If you think of say a Six Series BMW or an Audi a7 or a Mercedes Benz CS class who pay one of the big big cars that you know you drive to Monaco in or you do an Autobahn or something along those lines right. Maybe you’ll have in an earlier era an adventurer like James Bond tootling through Europe in one of these things having adventures along the way and finally ending up at the roulette wheel at Monte Carlo I mean right now I think it looks more like a car that one of the Bond villains would drive because it might be. [33.1]

[00:03:23] It’s kind of it’s it’s angry and it’s and it’s it’s just it’s like a jet fighter or something I don’t know it’s just it looks like nothing else. And you see the pictures and it looks great in the pictures and then seen in the flesh. I in fact picked it up and nearly had a bloke in a Range Rover drive into me as he was driving past one hand on the steering wheel the other with the camera taking photos of it on the way. [20.4]

[00:03:44] It’s an amazing car. When I added At one stage somebody a member of the public saw it driving past me behind the wheel took a pic of it and put it up on their social media and it immediately got hundreds of likes. [12.2]

[00:03:56] So there you are forcing yourself on somebody else’s social media driving your car for a change. How about the hat. Look it really is. It’s a really surprising Cup we can tell you more about it a couple of minutes. I can tell you a little bit about the the Volkswagen Golf gti the seven point five or the updated golfs they’re out the performance dish additions have been released and we’re going to go to somewhere up near the Blue Mountains I believe Joel is at the Australian launch of those cars. Yes if we can track him down of course he’s being a bit elusive because these things are always shrouded in mystery a new car launch but I’m sure he’ll come through with the goods. So with that we’re also going to be the chance this week to walk away with a copy of that great book we spoke about last week Lonely Planet’s epic drives of the world and to win it all you need to do is head up behind the wheel dot com. You check out joels 2017. Key is spataro road test and review and tell us what Joel thought was the only thing missing from that car. Not hard once you figure that out. Send us an e-mail feedback at behind the wheel dot com. And you could be the owner. What is a great read. Lonely Planet’s epic drives of the world. [1:01.9]

[00:04:58] Well it looks like there could be new. [1.3]

[00:05:00] SWAGGIE camp on the horizon remember those yes the Volkswagen California XXL concept. I don’t know if that means extra large or mothers both of us. It’s just been previewed. It features a toomy to long bed for two. Oh yes it is extra large model to meet along Bedford to a screened off spacious living area rotating front seats plus a shower and toilet. [22.2]

[00:05:22] You know what. It looks awesome. It’s kind of the the kind of modern version of the old combo camper. You can see the pics right now behind the wheel block condos. You will head to behind the wheel the condo you for your first look at the new BMW x2 the new BMW SUV is confirmed for Australia. They tell us the new BMW x 2 still has some time to go before its world premiere but expect a range of engines in what can only be described as a very stylish body ready for an assault of course on audie’s Q2 and the Mercedes Benz JLA models BMW have just also had their best global sales result for July. Ever the best performing models for BMW. Year to date including the X range of ncvs the one series The seven series and incredibly Ben his new five series sales were up forty seven point two percent in July. That’s despite China one of the models biggest selling markets not even receiving the new gen model yet. And good news for BMW sales have many were also up. And while we’re on the BMW theme news confirmed BMW Australia have told us buyers will be offered 6 of the new special edition i8 protonix series cars. Oh yes and good. They’re prised. I priced really from 300 three thousand dollars. The special edition I’d cars all come with a bespoke interior trim black ceramic highlights and so on and an engraved i8 logo on the drive controller. Now look at all the diff Absolutely. As if the Ford Focus r.s. wasn’t enough of a mean machine. [1:27.8]

[00:06:50] Ford’s ramping it up with a spec list in a limited edition offering the Ford Focus IRS limited edition is coming to our shores and a feature amongst other things are quite limited slip differential a performance we’ll pack and a car. Shell seats only 500 of these hot hatches will be made available in Australia from November and retail at fifty six thousand nine hundred ninety dollars. It is without doubt the most keenly anticipated new key model ever to land in Australia and care has confirmed. Prices will start at just under forty nine thousand dollars for the new vehicle powered kersting address the midspan exercise starts at 55000 990 while the flagship The Sting a g.t. starts from fifty nine 1990 all of them get the three point three litre by Turbo v 6 that pumps at 270 two kilowatts and 510 meters. The key singer launches in Australia in October. No word yet on pricing for the four cylinder version. Well it looks like Audi won’t stray too far away from the original Audi Kuwait concept when the real thing hits dealerships in 2019. It’s been caught out testing and despite the camouflage it seems to have a very similar profile to the Kuwait concept unveiled earlier this year at the Detroit Motor Show. Now the concept SUV was longer than a toy in a land cruiser and the test car looks to be similarly hefty proportions. We expect to see a 330 kilowatt plug in hybrid power train. And we’re betting they’ll be an S. Q Eight in the family as well. Well it seems that traditional car dealership models are becoming increasingly an endangered species. [1:31.0]

[00:08:21] Yes the new focus seems to be to get the cars to the people rather than wait for the people to come to the cars. And that’s exactly what Subaru Australia thinks is a ruse just opened three new pop up stores each in one of the three major capitals at eastlund shopping centre in Victoria Westfield Chatswood in NSW and quainter mall in Brisbane. So basically you can pick up a brand you say Subaru XVI. After you’ve done the groceries local sales are a bit of a worry of late. However Nissan Australia is hoping the soon to be released Nissan Leaf V will be one of the fresh products that will help turn things around. The all new Nissan Leaf will debut early next month and you can see pictures of it right now a behind the wheel. Dot com dot you. [37.6]

[00:08:59] Nissan says that the design which was inspired by aeroplane wings will allow drivers to travel further on a single charge and provides better stability as well. [8.4]

[00:09:07] The new generation Nissan Leaf includes a new one pedal operation. There’s no brake pedal now and a potential electric drive range of up to 300 days. [8.9]

[00:09:16] However writing about it just before the U.S. there the Lexus elsi 500. [4.8]

[00:09:21] If you’ve never seen a picture of this car go immediately to by the way a lot come on you and check it out. It really is something to behold. It is one of the most beautiful looking cars I think I’ve ever seen. I mean it looks like nothing else. [13.1]

[00:09:35] It certainly does. And when it came in that kind of yellowy mustard colour I thought Oh and then I thought wait a minute. I love it. Yeah. I don’t care what really what the colour is but that that actually seems to enhance the look of this beast. [13.0]

[00:09:48] I agree. It is like nothing else on the road. It’s it’s very identifiable as a Lexus I think. I don’t think there’s any mistaking that. No question of that. Look at those wheels. They are just terrific. One inch and they are massive. I suppose the other great thing about this car is they’re sort of touting it as a big G cruiser a car that kind of covers vast distances in. You know the ultimate luxury. [22.7]

[00:10:11] It does that and does that beautiful beautiful 5 litre 350 one kilowatt V8. It’s quick to not one hundred four point seven seconds. Now I’ve got to say I’ve certainly driven faster cars. There’s no doubt about that but the way this thing gets around and goes about its business is astonishing. It is like an absolute animal when you cane it. [21.0]

[00:10:32] The sound of it sounds it sounds like a fully blown Formula 1 V12 years ago actually about why it’s Squarings up and down through the gears and then when you want to duck into Bakers Delight and by is of a vegemite scroll well get to get around the car parks as easy as anything. This is a docile pussy. [19.4]

[00:10:52] Except that there are people hanging out of everywhere to take a look at it for some reason this car really attracts attention. You’re right I must say when I first started driving of the review I thought I wasn’t really you know I just thought oh gosh it looks okay and then I thought wait a minute that looks amazing. And then I drove off. And it does a wonderful now you expect from Chris’s description of how it goes and how it kind of sounds like a like a Formula One car at times a year you might expect it to be a bit rough around the edges. Not even close. It is magnificently detailed and finished. Everything is just beautifully put together and well thought out. It’s a delight to drive and you might think on that big V8 it’s going to be as thirsty as all hell. Surely not. It’s the manufacturers quoted eleven point six leaders per 100 kilometres. I got it in the twelve’s which isn’t all that different. You know there’s always a bit of a difference. Normally you only see eleven point six you get 17. Now you know you you certainly get more than eleven point six. [1:01.0]

[00:11:53] Actually I found it was a surprisingly close to the mark when and when that when I started doing the sums on the fuel I must say I was not expecting to fall in love with this card the way I did same you know Lexus and not known for you know kind of you know brilliant driving dynamics and kind of an engaging. Shall I make the LFA. That’s that’s a crazy super car. Eight hundred thousand dollars. Exactly. You know the the RC copay is a nice car but falls a little short from a dynamic point of view to something like a BMW or an Audi or a Mercedes. But this thing was an absolute revelation and if this is what we can expect from lexus’s in the future I reckon lectures are going to absolutely dominate the luxury market because this is just a bit. If we look at 190 grand I know it’s a lot of money and we’re not going to get cowardy probably based purely on the price maths. Yeah but for everything else the way it’s kind of stepped the brand up to a whole new level the way it looks what it’s like to live with. It’s the most surprising car of 2017 that I’ve come across. [1:04.1]

[00:12:57] Absolutely well said it was a terrific car. And if you’re in the market for that sort of thing and if you’ve got that kind of money go have a look at one. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. [9.0]

[00:13:07] Another big show ahead of us we’re going to test out the latest GTA version of the Volkswagen Golf the seven point five addition which is kind of their midlife update. And the golf car as well which is one of my favourites. We’re also going to pose the question is it OK to drive around with if you light on. Because I know no members of my family do it constantly. No I like a challenge for them to see how much further they can go once the little ones the caves have got dizzy you know and then you find yourself in the tunnel and you would find yourself stopped holding up the whole city’s traffic. [30.9]

[00:13:38] Anyway we’ll deal with that a little later in the show. Right now though as a follow up to our chat last week with Delia ricard the deputy vice chair of the a.s.c.. She has been essentially bringing some problems to light that our poor old independent mechanics have been having to deal with over the last little while. There’s the 12 month review happening by the a.s.c.. So we thought we’d go to the executive director of the V.A. to see of course in charge of independent workshops right around the state of Victoria and their own sort of authorities like this right around the country. GEOFF GALLOP welcome to behind the wheel Jeff. How are you going mate. [32.3]

[00:14:10] Very well thank you. Good to have you along. Jeff so what’s the vamc seised take on the a triple C report. [6.3]

[00:14:17] Well firstly this is a draft review that the findings came out last week. And a.s.c. are looking for feedback right through the next four weeks the very cce position has been that what we’re looking for is a fair and equitable environment for access to a parent’s permission in the marketplace and that’s driven by consumers capacity to have their car repaired where they want it repaired what we call a choice of repair. But it’s going to be remembered that we’ve had dealerships in Australia for over 100 years. And the a c c represents dealers and independent repairers and dealers are really driven by the requirements of the manufacturer. So it’s not that dealers don’t work with independent repair as they do when they’ve done that for a long time and there’s a very symbiotic relationship there. But as cars become more technologically based and as more data electronic data in cars it’s become harder for independent repairers to access that data. Data codes re initiation codes and often that isn’t because the dealership doesn’t want to release that information because the manufacturers told them not to. And of course that’s because the manufacturers have created this data and this information in the manufacturer of the vehicle. However around the world in the UK and North America things are changing and I think there is a general except exception that a person who has a vehicle needs the right to be able to get that vehicle repaired where they want to get it repaired. And the reality is if people take their car to a dealership to get it serviced and repaired now they’re probably going to keep doing that. [1:37.5]

[00:15:55] Hey we can’t have a situation where half the market has got access to data. And the other half hasn’t. But we don’t want to see either side of that market disadvantage either. [9.3]

[00:16:05] It probably brings slight some anti competition aspects. [3.0]

[00:16:08] Look I think this is a merger. It’s highlighted now because of changing technology. So in the old days of course you could buy repair manuals and service manuals for vehicles. Now for a lot of vehicles when they’re serviced that service information is uploaded to a cloud based platform. So you know that the driver of the vehicle often doesn’t have the information that they need at hand. And that’s really highlighted that aspect of different parts of the industry having different levels of information. And you know particularly in regional areas you know if you’ve got a and let’s not forget Australia has got more brand types than any other country in the world. We’re flooded with variation but what that means is is that you may have to travel a long way to get your car serviced so you need to know that there are other people in your area that can service your car and also that they’ve got the proprietary information to service it properly. One of the recommendations that we’ve made to the a.s.c. though and really around the modelling for the future is if dealerships and manufacturers have to hand that information over then the needs to be a mechanism where it has a pay for data system for independent repairs and some of that should go back to the dealers to offset any change in workload. [1:17.3]

[00:17:26] Is that how it operates in Europe and elsewhere where there’s less of this. [3.6]

[00:17:30] Well it operate in emergency in Europe and it’s seen emergence in North America. So they say that this is something that is relatively new globally and because manufacturers often have their own portal for accessing their data. Often it’s on a case by case basis. But even now through the ICC tech centre we’ve got a huge technical library. We have page downloads for some manufacturers now that are an independent repairer can go on and actually download some data to make sure they repair the car properly. The other thing that’s changed though is when you buy a part for a car nowadays and you know a brand new cars bristling with computers you need to be able to re initiate that part you you’ve got to code that part to recognize that it’s in a car and it’s going to talk to all the other parts of that car. It’s those reinitiating codes that have really been the stumbling block and that’s where we pass through to help independent repair as repair people’s cars. [56.4]

[00:18:27] We’ve seen a big kind of I suppose emergence of cap price servicing every new car you get now seems to have this capped price servicing program has had an impact on you know business coming to independent dealers because or independent repairers because obviously they’re they’re pretty cheap these days would be hard to kind of I suppose top that and make some money out of of doing an oil change here and agrees. [20.7]

[00:18:49] Well it’s a marketing activity from manufacturers actually. And consumers often get some comfort that at that price servicing on the basis that they know what’s included in a service and they also know that often the sale of a new vehicle that the price of those price servicing is included in the sale price. However one of the things that the a.s.c. has made very clear is they want better information provided to consumers about the price of the vehicle and the servicing components they actually want the consumer to be able to make a better judgment between manufacturers between dealerships and between independent repairers. So we will be entering a new era and I think this is a 50 year threshold for the industry. We’ll be entering a new era where the consumer has far more information on which to make a judgment around not only where they buy a car but well where they get it serviced. [57.6]

[00:19:47] I spend a bit of a meeting today some of those great folks out there who are putting their hard earned cash on the line to look after us motorists and make sure that you know the cars running beautifully and everything is kind of tip. And not charging us an absolute fortune. Yes exactly. [15.2]

[00:20:03] And we’ve got it. I came across this great story about a local company that is providing a real service to your customers. Yep. You know what it’s like a car wash it needs tyres. It takes time and it probably is going to cost you a fortune as well. And that’s just the way it is. Except until this new service came along and I think it’s amazing because as I’m sure Paul Williams One of the founders of the business will tell us the tyre shop comes to you see down there you’re on to it. [31.4]

[00:20:35] Paul Williams What good advice. How are you going mate. [1.9]

[00:20:38] I’m very well thank you and that’s exactly what we do. We we come to you now. [4.1]

[00:20:42] Some friends of mine are looking for tyres and they were quoted cause this was quite an up market tyre. They were quoted in the Fiver’s for a tyre 500 dollars plus and they finally came to you Paul and they were able to get it in the threes. The tyres were brought to their place and the car was retired while they did other things. And what they also did an alignment just to make sure everything was going perfectly. [25.5]

[00:21:08] It’s just such a convenient thing and in all our busy lives nowadays we’re looking for the things that make our lives easier and allows us to do other things and we’re not only adding that convenience to the business but we’re also doing it at a competitive rate. We have access to every brand every model of time if it’s available we can get it and we’ll do it at a competitive rate. [22.1]

[00:21:30] We’ve just been speaking to people at the V.A. S.C. and other folks who are in I suppose the automotive landscape 2017 seems to be a rather challenging time to be starting a business like yours. [10.6]

[00:21:41] The hurdles that we face are just like any other business when you’re investing your own money or you’re trying to grow a business when the money is the most important thing but if you don’t have the right product and our product is not tyres our product is the customer service and the ability to to service any person anywhere to make their life easier. And our marketing is all about you know making your life easier and allowing us to get here. So our challenge is really more about getting the right staff getting people who can talk to people because it’s not just sitting tight. We need to be able to service people and make them feel happy and satisfied with with what they’re getting. [42.0]

[00:22:24] So it’s mobile tyre shop dot com you Paul. That’s correct. [3.0]

[00:22:27] Beautiful. Good luck and well done. It’s about time I get my Saturday mornings back. [4.6]

[00:22:32] That’s a terrific you can and thanks for talking with your volume. [3.9]

[00:22:36] And we’ve gone off with a bang today got lots more to get through still in fact I’m really looking forward to hearing about the new high performance of Volkswagen. Golf’s seven point five editions we’ve been getting around in a little base model. Oh it is a wonderful car. It really is fabulous. And for the price you pay I tell you what you’ll be looking long and hard to find something better in that price range. You you it. Well I think there is something better when you add an extra 60 kilowatts. Oh yes. And to put on a few dollars as well you have money. All right. Thanks. MILLER of which I have none. We have come across a really great little Aussie start up and it’s an act that has to do with I suppose the theme of today’s show looking after your car and having independent guys kind of you know coming to the fore. [48.0]

[00:23:25] And look I think without further ado we just get him on and let him tell us all about it. Yeah it’s Tyson he’s the guy behind a new app called charisma Tyson wagon behind the wheel. How are you going. [9.4]

[00:23:34] Good. Peter thank you so much for having me. [1.9]

[00:23:36] Good to talk to you Tyson. This is a great story because it’s a family story and it’s it’s something that’s that’s really filling a need that most of us didn’t even realize that we needed. Janice is that a good. [12.0]

[00:23:49] Oh look I think I think it’s one of those things that you really think about and more so when you are aching to get over it and you kind of have that hope and pray moment that what your mechanic is telling you is the truth. [12.5]

[00:24:02] Tyson tell us what the app actually does. [1.8]

[00:24:04] So charisma is an app that allows mechanics to take photos. The key is the age of the car service so whether it’s existing damage around a vehicle or a look under the hood under the vehicle tyres anything from brake pads to cvb. You know they essentially get a photo and document the entire service of that vehicle after the service the customers get a visual report of what happened on their car and they get the. [26.6]

[00:24:32] Right. So it really is when you had to cough up all this money for maybe a part under the bonnet that you didn’t even know existed in the first place you can see it being removed and then you one put in any kind of. Well it has cost me a fortune but at least I know I kind of got something for my money. [14.0]

[00:24:46] Yeah exactly and I think the big one too is you know people don’t like that sort of if I get a quote from the mechanic what is actually going to cost because inevitably they find something. Well you know sometimes it is hard to diagnose until you actually get in there. And you start pulling parts out. So what happens now instead of going in for let’s say a logbook service if it was going to cost 180 dollars if there is additional work that needs to be done. Of course mechanicsville should be asking their customers for approval for any extra money spent above and beyond that quote. But now they can ring them up and say look. You know you. Are going to receive your charisma report and you’ll see why those brake pads needed to be replaced. [38.3]

[00:25:25] I’m a motorist and decide I’m going to take my car in for service. I’m going to use the app. How do you get the workshop to actually participate in the whole process. [10.4]

[00:25:36] Come down to the mechanics getting on board with charisma and I think you know I’m a kid you know I’m literally down at a workshop right now at rapturing Underwood. So Jeff and Cody and the team down here have been absolutely fantastic. And again it was a bit of a surprise a moment where a very young start up. And when I got out here the mechanics were kind of jumping over each other asking me questions and saying how simple it was to use because again these guys are doing great work down here and now they can show their customers. So if mechanics Let’s say someone actually wants them to connect the U.S. and the mechanic says well you know I don’t really want to that customer then might say Well to be honest I’d rather go somewhere where I can see the way down and I feel that I’m being treated with respect. [45.7]

[00:26:22] So who pays is the subscription is it the mechanical the the consumer the mechanic. [5.1]

[00:26:27] So there’s nothing for the consumer to pay or even download at the end of the service they actually receive an Ethernet link and they can do it on their mobile or they can view it on a computer. And it’s a visual report with their car or the details in the service and all the photos as well as the notes from the mechanic. [16.4]

[00:26:44] Well now we hear that Workshop’s are having a bit of a tough time of it. Just competing with the car makers themselves and so on. So this might be the latest weapon in their arsenal as they fight back. [10.6]

[00:26:55] Absolutely. I think like any other small business you’re always looking for that competitive edge and to provide that trust and transparency to customers is one of those tools. And I think as well with the recent reports from hsbc coming out you know there’s some pretty bad stories about new car sales. You know dealerships certainly have a monopoly on some parts of the market and they’ve been very aggressive in their marketing with you know fixed price. So the thing is as you say this is just another thing for the independent workshops and any dealers who are looking to you know provide that transparency to their customers a little jealous or like a whole lot jealous because he got to go and I didn’t. [39.6]

[00:27:35] But yes. So if we want an expert to go who do you send you send Joel Helms review your performance edition out of the Volkswagen Golf seven point five. Joel how I fellow. Very well thank you. Excellent. Now you’ve you’ve got your first taste of the latest edition of Volkswagen Golf GTA II and the Volkswagen Golf are two of my favourite cars already in their older form. An improvement on the new ones. [24.9]

[00:28:00] You’ll be pleased to know that they’ve got more power. Excellent. Tickle your fancy. It’s not a great deal. [5.4]

[00:28:06] Seven kilowatt new outputs for the gpi 169 and 350 meters is pretty happy for the. The are of course it’s got it’s got more go 213 it’s 300. Maybe you haven’t driven the eye yet. I can really only talk about the gpi at this stage. But look I when we drove it a couple of years ago the last time we drove it. [20.5]

[00:28:27] Chris you know Europe pretty much put it up there with a potential car of the year and of course the regular version of the current year was never a car that really there’s a lot of improvement. [8.8]

[00:28:37] I think it probably just smoothed out a few little crinkles and just made it just a little bit better polished it up a bit. [6.3]

[00:28:43] I do remember it’s a hugely entertaining car to drive it’s just a whole heap of fun. It’s not the fastest thing in the world but it’s certainly at the slowest either. But the way it handles the way it’s feels everything about it there’s just something really addictive about the golf g.t. ICE. [13.6]

[00:28:57] Yeah it’s the way it grips and the way it is. It’s really a car. You don’t need to be a an amazing driver to feel like you’re a good driver. [8.5]

[00:29:06] It’s really hard but also it really does help you get it get a boost in the driver’s skills department. [6.3]

[00:29:12] Sure also is beautifully finished. I’m just driving the base model golf at the moment. For you it is unknowingly finished and it’s just a brilliant car. So I think the GP must be you know a notch above that or two. [13.4]

[00:29:26] Yes. And first experience in seven point five for me. Yeah I like a new infotainment system with the updated software and it seems to be a lot faster than the old stuff which is really good. But I think you’d agree Peter it’s not revolutionarily different in any way than the old gold. But again I don’t think it was a car that needed to be changed to any great degree. [19.0]

[00:29:45] I agree with you Joel and I must say it’s a while since I’ve driven one and driving it I remembered just how good they are. It’s gone along the evolutionary line a bit but gosh it’s a terrific car still. [12.0]

[00:29:58] Yeah absolutely. It is. You can tell in the way that it’s the way to try. Is that ever been a car that they have to go back to the drawing board and completely redo it just that there’s been an improvement here and a different tack and just seems to get better all the time. You know I know we’re big fans of the first three or like 60 I probably I probably still like to have a driver that before I put some money on this. But you know tell you talking about just over forty one thousand dollars for the annual version and a couple of thousand more for the order. [29.1]

[00:30:27] So you’re not going to break the bank if you go to the JT and they’re still going with the lgbti theme I’m assuming you’ll have the red stripe along the grill there and the fabulous tartan interior. [10.5]

[00:30:38] Yeah the tartan is still there but a couple of other trim as well. There’s also labour available leather in the gold bar which is really nice as well. So yeah. Yeah. You’ve got to have the card don’t you. [10.1]

[00:30:48] You do. Especially yes it’s in St kilda Colours red white and black arcing rather stumped. There you go. The golfer which I know you yet to drive of course that’s a mighty machines. We moved on rather quickly from a couple of references. Well never mind there’s next year for us all wheel drive. It’s pretty much standard in the air in the reason I suppose you’d need to get all that power to the ground. [21.0]

[00:31:10] Yeah that’s that’s exactly right. I mean all wheel drive I think in this situation probably not essential. But I think that if you are going to go out find it around is probably good insurance to have. If you don’t mind paying extra You’re looking at about 50 to for the car. You know I don’t think it’s essential but probably worth having if you’re a bit of a boy racer. [20.2]

[00:31:30] Gotcha. And what a lot of people probably don’t realize too is the golf car essentially is kind of a dress down version of audie’s S3. Because the powertrains the same you get the same sort of power outputs. It just doesn’t suit isn’t quite as flashy. They went to the Peter Jackson 300 dollar sale as opposed to the Armani shop. [17.9]

[00:31:49] Yes that’s exactly right. It does a little bit more charm. I mean we were always attracted to those that. [5.4]

[00:31:55] You know maybe you you expect expectations there but they’re not massively high and that always seems to put a smile on your face. I think that’s what the golf gpi has done for decades. [9.8]

[00:32:06] Absolutely. Well yes of course we can read all about it at the website. Where are we off to in the world. Next what. What’s next on the agenda for Joel Helms. [5.9]

[00:32:13] Because listen there’s no 370 it to check out. So that’ll be good. [4.2]

[00:32:17] Excellent. Well you enjoy that and we’ll do it all again next week. Thanks guys. We’re getting close to the end of another big additional behind the wheel of what comes next week. We got to tell you about some. Six. Really good cars in fact I can’t wait to be talking about. [15.7]

[00:32:33] The new Volkswagen Golf which was going to give it a bit of a mention too. I’m going to go into a bit of detail. I had a Mercedes Benz station wagon jacked up on a big four wheel drive like you had a face. Is it a shooting break or is it a. What is it. Is it a wagon. Is it holding all track. Are you an all terrain or an all or something. It’s got basically got all the drive wheels and stick beats on the mudguard you know to kind of make it look like it goes up. [24.0]

[00:32:58] That’s right. And it probably does go up mountains knowing it’s a Mercedes I’d say is pretty good. [4.0]

[00:33:02] We’ll have a crack at it during the week and let everybody know next week. Yep. Quick product review day for our great made to all tricks auto accessories. Now of course as soon as you say all tricked you immediately think of everything to do with your car. Maybe you need number plate protectors maybe you need some wax. Maybe you need some cleaner to get the velour back to sort of sparkling clean in year 1982 VB Commodore you know the one with the nice beige interior with the stripes that was the grit would get in between the straw. Oh yes. All trucks have product to get rid of that so get a day up all night scrubbing added to I get a toothbrush. No no no no. One thing the guys over there brought my brought to my attention this week is the fact that. Well basically your steering wheel could well be full of things like E.coli. So salmonella Oh what. Campbell black black campylobacter you yes those awful. So in response to all of that the guys at all treks have got together and made the car plan heavy duty hand wipes and these handy antibacterial wipes not only remove the bacteria from your hands. I also do a great job of getting grease and dirt off your hands and your steering wheel. So what you do is you buy a pack your bangham the glove box and that way you are always ready to stick your hands in your ears wrap your nose ring. No it’s got all tricks to you is where you buy. They’re really cheap. [1:25.4]

[00:34:27] Tell them we said go visit it and apologize to anyone who’s trying to eat at the moment. I like that. Another [12.6]

[00:34:40] time of the week. I know everybody looks forward to. But still to this day get the most fan mail for this bloke and I’m baffled as to why here is it’s Simon lie. I [9.0]

[00:34:49] guy as I’ve never seen that fanmail. We [2.4]

[00:34:52] try to keep it private because we don’t want you to get a swelled head. It’s about. And really if you had a swollen head you probably wouldn’t fit inside a key a kanto which is the car you’ve been driving this week. [10.3]

[00:35:03] Absolutely. Pretty tiny I mean it’s one of the micro cars out there and you know micro cars and small cars they tend to be on the lower end of the scale in terms of size of course and features as well. But I found that the key precancer really takes a lot more boxes than some of the other ones on the market like say micro or like the Seattle area which you always go on about. [23.0]

[00:35:26] Oh we love the solarium anything named after a vegetable where stands off. Yes. Well vegetable salt I think strictly Yes. Yes. [6.0]

[00:35:33] Tell us about how it is better than the other SIMON Well see in a small area for example you’re missing quite a few things like there’s no steering wheel controls and you can say there’s a steering wheel you know when you. Everybody lean all fly by wire over the best. [20.5]

[00:35:55] I miss a few of those things which are pretty commonplace nowadays in most other cars and it’s a bare minimum although you know it’s good to get around in. But the cure for cancer is one that I guess contains all the things that you come to expect from a kid nowadays they’ve done a bit of an update since the last time I drove it at the launch and it’s got a nice dashboard They’ve improved the air vents a bit so it looks a bit spruced up and it’s even got a touch screen now a 7 inch display. Yeah. So you get something like that which you don’t really expect in a car that flies or whatever the price because they’re really quite cheap as chips aren’t they. Yeah they are. I mean that’s to be expected. The auto that I was in and I originally drove comes in at about 15 grand. And you’re looking at a thousand dollars less for the manual which is also now available automatically in a car that size but the tiny little what is it’s a one litre engine isn’t it. It to fire. So yeah it’s pretty small force be it auto. So you’re not going to be tearing it around the place so it does lack a bit of power. But it’s a great run about if you want something that doesn’t require a lot of spacing just to get from point A to Point B. With a few little luxuries in there and nice and comfortable good fit and finish nice design some comfort features. It’s a great car to be in. [1:25.2]

[00:37:21] I seem to remember the holdens spark was particularly good very good. Well they’re both similarly priced I suppose if you are after a little car. First cars really aren’t they. A great way to start your motoring career for around 15 Kmart. Driver keep macandrew drive the Holden. But keep in mind the kid has that show stopping warranty. [19.0]

[00:37:40] Absolutely. That seven year warranty also comes with the rear view camera sensors as well. So you know it’s not missing out on those things. [6.6]

[00:37:47] Excellent. We’ll look forward to reading a review at behind the wheel. And another of our favourites she’s back again to join Simon Peter and myself it is the lovely the intelligent the funny the vivacious Rachel Franco Hello Rachel. [20.6]

[00:38:09] Hi guys how are you. [1.1]

[00:38:10] Great to talk to your rage. How’s the week been. How’s your motoring been this week. [4.4]

[00:38:14] Oh look it’s been a bit precarious. Oh I’m almost out of petrol. Like when I was driving around on empty. [8.0]

[00:38:23] OK. Now let’s just establish here when I suppose we all kind of would think the right time to stop at a service station is is it when the petrol light comes on or is it as a member of my family sort of tends to operate by the petrol light comes on and then you get a little readout on the gauge to tell you how many kilometres you’ve got to go until you are empty and there seems to be a challenge in my household that once it gets to zero then you reset the trip meter and you see how much further you can go after the car is telling you so much that you can’t go any further. [31.7]

[00:38:55] But it’s very risky behaviour very risky to look at really is I have a horror of breaking down and holding up everybody else down. And it seems to me these days that we all depend on those major trunk routes that go through the cities. And if you stop there. The whole city grinds to a standstill in efforts because you didn’t fill up with petrol when you were supposed to. I think that’s a little bit negligent or inaccurate. [23.9]

[00:39:19] I think if you if you manage to stop on a busy freeway or something you can actually be fined for that country. [5.5]

[00:39:26] So I remember in the old days. Now it’s probably all changed now but the latest technology. But they used to say oh don’t let it go under about a quarter full because the residue of some kind at the bottom of the petrol tank and or the diesel whatever it is you don’t want it going to the fuel pump because that’ll stop the car is still the same case nowadays. [18.5]

[00:39:44] I mean you can damage the insides of the car if you let it go down too far. But I have to admit I’ve been guilty of that just like everyone else. I just especially when I was at uni do you want to save money. [9.7]

[00:39:54] I want to feel up too often and you just wait till the light comes on and then until the light is flashing Yeah my business and my car can go on feeling like well I can assure you I survive the challenge. [15.5]

[00:40:10] It’s constantly sort of undertaken in my family. She’s got she’s got as far as 32 kilometres after the cars told her there’s nothing left. Well I’d rather be in that area. [10.7]

[00:40:21] Yeah it really varies from car to car. I think some go further distance than others. [3.9]

[00:40:25] Yeah. And how are you going to be 80. Chris thirty two. Thirty two yes. [4.1]

[00:40:30] Isn’t that the standard thing everyone says oh you’ve got another 30 KS one to it and be on the board. [5.8]

[00:40:36] Any car in the world. Yeah you got an ATV car. Oh yeah right. [3.5]

[00:40:39] My kids right now my car gives me a little warning that says when the light flute light comes up there’s generally about 60 or 70 case left. And so I immediately think right I better just top this thing up straight away. [12.3]

[00:40:52] Yeah. Well that’s good. Some I’d like to live my sleep in. [3.5]

[00:40:57] We’re gonna get my money’s worth. Absolutely. [2.1]

[00:41:00] Look I mean I suppose if you do drive a diesel car it’s even more important because I’m not 100 percent sure of it’s still exactly the same but I know in the old days when you ran out of fuel in a diesel you need to get a mechanic out because they’d have to pump the fuel back through the lines. Now it’s just that it’s just a whole a whole nightmare. Here’s another one that is always good fun when you accidentally pull up in your diesel car and fill up for petrol. [21.9]

[00:41:22] Oh no I haven’t done that. I do actually drive a diesel. Haven’t done it yet and nor have I tried to put diesel into a petrol motor and I know you actually can’t because the. [11.3]

[00:41:34] Difference you can’t get diesel into the petrol but you can get petrol into the diesel because that yes you know the diesel things are. Yeah. Well again a member of my family has been able to do that. I know that what I say is exceptionally good to get the petrol into the diesel and then kind of wonder why it stopped. You know just at the petrol station and all court and how long and how much did it take. About six hundred dollars. Oh no. And it would have taken ages for somebody to come and repair the problem. Yes well she needed to sit on the side of the road and have a long hard think about it is an expensive thing it gets better right there. I just hope she does it. But it’s radio show. I’m going away on a launch so far down. Clever. I think the end of this segment needs to be when your petrol light comes on. Get the petrol in the car you’re not gonna get dirt through your engine and you can keep going in a hole up to a thousand people take the lesson people simply simply. Right I’m off our high horse now we’re out of time. Let’s hear it again next week. [1:00.7]


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