Behind the Wheel Podcast 476

COTY, manufacturing and Christmas shopping this week on the podcast!

We’re getting close to naming 2017’s Car of the Year on the Behind the Wheel Podcast.

This week, we’ve got nominations from Joel Helmes, Simon Lai and Alan Zurvas.

All name their top three cars of 2017 as we continue to narrow down an impressive field of contenders.

Joel Helmes is at the Australian launch of the new-generation Toyota Camry. It’s an all- new car from the ground up.

We’ll get the details on the fully imported replacement for Australia’s best-selling mid-size car.

We’re also talking manufacturing this week. While there’s been plenty of bad news around this year, there are a few shining lights - one of the brightest is from Nissan, who are celebrating their 35th birthday at a manufacturing plant in Victoria.

Tony Mee from Nissan joins us to give us a bit more detail on the Australian facility manufacturing parts for a global audience - the numbers will definitely surprise you.

Rachel Franco is in Christmas shopping mode, and what better a present for Xmas than a car accessory?

Our mates at Altrex are coming to the party, and we’ll be choosing some great gifts that we’d like to see under our tree.

We’ve got a review this week of the recently updated BMW 230i & the new Lexus NX 300h.

And some sage advice on whether you still need to let your car warm up before driving off.

All that, and lots more on this week’s edition of Behind the Wheel

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