Behind the Wheel Podcast 477

The final countdown is on to our COTY announcement

behind the wheel podcast 477

We’re getting close to naming 2017’s Car of the Year. The big announcement is only one week away, and we’ve got the last 6 nominations from Pete and Chris on this week’s show.

Sean Poppit from Holden joins the guys with news on their new SUV replacement for the Captiva. The Equinox, sourced from Mexico, promises to bring a bit more refinement to the Holden SUV.

There’s also been an interesting development at the Trademark Office - Holden have registered an iconic name for use here in Australia. The guys will bail Sean up to try and get more info.

MG is back in town - not quite as you remember it though. Now owned by Chinese Company SAIC, they have some SUV’s they’d like you to consider.

Danny Lenartic, MG Motor Australia’s Marketing & Communications Senior Manager calls in with an update on their progress here in Australia.

Rachel Franco needs to buy a used car on a limited budget of $10,000. What can you get for that money? You might be surprised at what $10k can buy you.

Simon Lai is behind the wheel of a new Peugeot 3008 - the all-new French SUV that recently took out the European Car of the Year Award.

We’ve got a review this week of the stunning Lexus LC 500h, the Range Rover Velar SE R-Dynamic and the hugely entertaining BMW M140i.

There’s news too from Audi, a new Infiniti SUV and the mighty new BMW M5.

All that and more on this week’s edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast…

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