Behind the Wheel Podcast 478

We announce the 2017 Car of the Year on this podcast!

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It’s Behind the Wheel Car of the Year time. This week we announce the winner of the best car of 2017.

Joel Helmes has been burning the midnight oil, crunching the numbers to come up with a definitive winner - he’ll join us to take us through the finalists and explain how we got to the winning car, and of course, we’ll hear from the winning manufacturer too.

Rachel Franco and Simon Lai are gearing up for Christmas. We’ll chat about what you need to do to get your car ready for the big Christmas Road Trip, and come up with some ideas of where to head if you haven’t decided yet.

We’ll take you for a drive around the block in the new Nismo enhanced Nissan 370Z.

We’ll bring you all the latest from the LA Motor Show, bring news of an all new Mazda6 and a topless BMW Supercar.

All that and a lot more on what is our biggest show for 2017!

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