Behind the Wheel Podcast 480

Pete, Chris and the team are back for episode 480

behind the wheel car podcast 480

Happy Christmas from all of us here at Behind the Wheel! We hope Santa makes it to your house with some extra special treats - like some of the cars we’ll talk about on this week’s show…

As our Summer Series continues, Pete and Chris look back at some of the best bits of 2017, including a hot lap in an updated BMW M2 with Aussie motor racing legend Steven Richards.

We also catch up with the big boss of BMW Australia, Marc Werner, and get his thoughts on what is ahead for BMW in 2018.

We also investigate Elon Musk’s latest exploit - The Boring Company.

He has plans to build a network of tunnels under one of the most earth quake prone cities on earth - Los Angles. We talk to a tunnel expert to ask “Is Elon Musk barking mad?”

We chat to Paul from Volkswagen to get the lowdown on one of the finalists for 2017’s Car of the Year, the Golf 7.5.

David Rowley from Subaru gives us all the detail on this year’s edition of the Subaru Outback, and gives us a hint on when we can expect the next WRX.

James Scrimshaw revealed the Range Rover Velar, and we chat about a four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type and the convertible Range Rover Evoque.

Join the fun of Behind the Wheel’s Summer Series - it’s a hoot!

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