Best car to tow 16 foot caravan

Sarah asks us what car is best to tow a 16 ft caravan?

Best car to tow 16 foot caravan - Joel Helmes reckons a dual-cab ute is the way to go.

Hey Peter and Chris, I listen to your show with my husband each week via 2LT. Next year we are packing up and hitting the road for 12 months and are thinking of getting a 16 foot, single axle caravan and need a vehicle to tow it.

We have budget $20,000 for a van and about the same for a vehicle to tow it. What do you recommend? My preference is an automatic and something not too big.

Peter Hitchener – You know what I’d recommend Sarah, the Ford Territory. The Duratorq diesel engine is a real winner and offers 140kW and 440Nm, this should be more than enough for a 16 foot caravan. The Territory is also roomy and comfortable and you should be able to find a nice one under your $20,000 budget.

Chris Miller – I think the trick is to buy the caravan first. Sometimes people buy cars and then find the caravan they want and the car they have aren’t a good match. In saying that, a 16 ft caravan isn’t huge and that means there’s a wide selection of vehicles available. How about a Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon? Maybe even a V8 Caprice.

Joel Helmes – I’d be going for a dual-cab ute personally, one with a hard canopy on the back. I reckon you want as much grunt up front as possible and I’d be looking for a Nissan Navara ST-X 550. This model had a whopping 550Nm and it would pull a 16 foot caravan up anything! Another option could be the 3.2 litre five-cylinder Ford Ranger.

We hope that helps.

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