2017 BMW 4 Series Launch Review

2017 BMW 4 Series Launch Review

2017 BMW 4 Series Launch Review

With more power for less money, the new 2017 BMW 4 Series Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible mean business.

2017 BMW 4 Series Launch ReviewThere’s a range of new names and new petrol engines. The names don’t quite add up, but the new engines are sweeter than ever.

There’s a new twin turbo 2.0 litre 4-cylinder in two states of tune, and an all new twin-turbo 6-cylinder that continues the BMW inline 6 tradition.

Starting with the 135kW/270Nm 420i, it’s $2,200 cheaper than the first 420i, yet gets more than $6000 worth of added features. The base diesel, the 420d, gets the same.

The new petrol 2.0 litre is a peachy, free revving unit that builds on the strengths of the engine it replaces. It spins up to the redline without even the slightest hint of harshness, it’s an exuberant unit that is delivers power beautifully and is a joy to listen to.

The biggest selling BMW 4 Series to date has been the 428i, renamed for 2016 the 430i.

While most people familiar with BMW will immediately associate the 430 nomenclature with a 3.0 litre inline 6-cylinder, the 430i (just like the 330i) actually gets the higher output 2.0 litre twin turbo 4-cylinder.

Told you the names didn’t make a lot of sense!

Regardless, it’s a punchy implement that pulls like a bison yet achieves 5.8 litres/100km.

2017 BMW 4 Series Launch ReviewIt’s one of the most satisfying 4-cylinder engines on the market. Yes there are more powerful out there, but this is smooth, elegant almost, and admirably iron-fisted all at the same time.

Again with the names, the 440i replaces the 435i.

Like the 435i, the 440i is endowed with another beautiful 6-Cylinder twin turbo, power is up 15kW and 50Nm to 240kW and 450Nm. Fuel consumption is down from 7.4 to 6.8 litres per 100km, now avoiding the Luxury Car Tax (LCT).

The BMW 440i is everything you’d expect from a BMW 6-cylinder, just with even more power and polish.

The 440i is also $10,000 cheaper than the outgoing 435i and gets more than $12,000 of extra standard kit.

The Coupe and Gran Coupe strike a determined stance. The more showy Convertible is equally as purposeful. You’ll be hard pressed to pick an obvious difference from the first BMW 4 Series, but the update is sharper, more premium.

2017 BMW 4 Series Launch ReviewThe Coupe is a looker, but the Gran Coupe is an absolute stunner.

With the wide backside of the Coupe, the Gran Coupe gets an extra couple of doors that do nothing to detract from the side profile, and make it functional for the person most likely to buy it, a bloke aged somewhere between 40 and 60 years old.

You also get 1300 litres of cargo space, only 200 litres shy of the 3 Series wagon.

There’s lots to like in the updated 4 Series, noticeable power upgrades, carry over sharp dynamics and a much better value equation, first impressions suggest another BMW winner.

2017 BMW 4 Series Australian Manufacturers Recommended List Price:

  • BMW 420i Coupe $68,900
  • BMW 420i Gran Coupe $68,900
  • BMW 420i Convertible $85,900
  • BMW 420d Coupe $71,200
  • BMW 420d Gran Coupe $71,200
  • BMW 420d Convertible $88,200
  • BMW 430i Coupe $79,900
  • BMW 430i Gran Coupe $79,900
  • BMW 430i Convertible $96,900
  • BMW 440i Coupe $99,900
  • BMW 440i Gran Coupe $99,900
  • BMW 440i Convertible $117,900
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