BMW tech powering US delivery trucks

BMW tech powering US delivery trucks

Last week we reported on a new home/office application for BMW’s electric car technology, now reports from the US that the BMW technology is also helping keep hybrid delivery trucks moving.

Workhorse Group Inc. produce hybrid delivery trucks that are popular with delivery companies such as UPS, they’ve just started adding the same range extender to their vehicles that you can option in a BMW i3 electric car.

The tiny 647cc two-cylinder petrol engine supplies enough electricity to keep the delivery vehicles up and running, with an absolute minimum emissions and fuel use.

Workhorse founder and CEO Steve Burns says the BMW range-extender (or REx) is perfect for the application.

“The use of the BMW REx will further strengthen our customers’ fuel efficiencies and maintenance savings while continuing to eliminate range anxiety often found with battery-electric vehicles,”

“We are excited and very proud to be integrating the integrity, character and proven performance of the BMW REx powertrain into our Workhorse E-Gen vehicles.”

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  1. With all the pollution especially in China, why isn’t Workhorse pursuing contacts in those areas to develop truck fleets? Also, it would appear that with a speedy ROI, every delivery company should be at least testing the Workhorse product. Why aren’t they?

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