Should We Buy a Dual-Cab Ute or SUV?

Should We Buy a Dual-Cab Ute or SUV?

Gail and her husband can’t agree on whether to buy a ute or SUV.

Hey guys, my husband and I are in a marriage crisis – we can’t agree over our next car!

We have only one child so we don’t need a whole lot of space. My husband wants a Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger, but as someone who has to drive it during the week I reckon they are too big and too hard to park!

I want something like a Toyota RAV4 or Nissan X-Trail. Which way should we go? (please side with me!)

Thanks Gail, yes that is a tough one and while we think you will probably get your way (the way it should be?) it is worth looking at the plusses and minuses of choosing either a dual-cab ute or SUV.

Firstly, the big question is whether your husband really needs a dual-cab? If not, well there really is no real reason to go that way.

Yes, the dual-cab 4×4 utes can be big and bulky to drive and despite the overall size the amount of cabin space they boast is often generally less than you might expect. We’ve also found having to put things like school bags and shopping in the tray quite inconvenient and then you also have the issue of rain.

Yes, you can get, or your dual-cab will come with, a tonneau cover but that just adds to the grief.

Conversely, Gail you have chosen a few models on your wish list that are seldom found on the dream-drive list of red-blooded males! While the X-TRAIL and RAV4 are more than alright vehicles, maybe you have gone too far towards the ‘mummy’ end of the market?

Compromises? How about the Jeep Grand Cherokee? You can pick up one of these for about the same as a dual-cab HiLux or Ranger.

The Toyota Fortuner, while being HiLux based, seems easier to drive than the ute version and you get cameras and parking sensors. There’s also the Ranger-based Ford Everest that you might like. Other ute-based SUVs include the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Isuzu MU-X.

While other options that are a bit blokey and not too hard-edged include the Kia Sorento (especially the diesel) and, if the budget stretches that far, models like the Audi Q7 and BMW X5.

Got any other suggestions for Gail? Let us know via email at [email protected], leave a comment below, or use the Contact page.

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