Car buyers saying NO to diesel

Car buyers saying NO to diesel

UK survey shows diesel on the nose

After a huge surge in popularity following the increase in fuel prices at the start of the decade, interest in diesel powered cars is continuing to fall sharply.

As we reported earlier in the month, diesel car sales in Australia are continuing to plummet.

Now comes car buyer research out of the UK that shows less than one in four car buyers in Britain will opt for a diesel then next time they buy a new car.

Currently about 40% of cars on UK roads are diesel-powered.

Autocar interviewed 1,000 motorists and found 60% of car buyers would be going for a regular petrol-powered car.

More than one in six current diesel owners would instead be opting for a hybrid or electric car, conversely, about 1 in 5 current petrol car owners plans on buying a hybrid/EV.

The overwhelming reason given for not buying a diesel was fears over pollution and emissions, with resale value the second biggest concern.

“These findings are a testament to the public battering diesel has taken over the last few years,” says Autocar editor Mark Tisshaw.

“While some vilification of diesel is justified, there is a major gulf between the perception and the reality.

“At the heart of this debate is how and where you use your car and diesel certainly still has a major role to play.”

How do you feel about diesels? Would you buy one? Has the Volkswagen scandal turned you off? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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