Your Car can make you sick!

Your Car can make you sick!

These days, people often complain of being time poor, which means we are more likely to do things ‘on the run’.

Unfortunately, this trend has now gone so far that it has become commonplace for people to eat, apply makeup and even shave while they drive. All of these habits, while being potential time savers, are also big driver distractions.

Your Car can make you sick!But eating in your car can also put your health at risk in another way.

A UK study has found nasty germs associated with food poisoning, skin infections and vomiting are common in our vehicles and that is a concern given 60% of motorists admitted to eating while behind the wheel.

Scientists discovered bacteria bacillus cereus and staphylococcus were commonly found on areas that you are likely to be touching while also touching your food, including the steering wheel, gear shift and on the door handles.

So, driving and eating might not be such a good idea!

One thing you can do to help stop your car turning into a bacteria breeding ground is to use a product such as CarPlan Kleen Air, you can check out review of that product here.

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