Car dealers told to get tech savvy to attract young buyers

Modern communication generates higher customer satisfaction…

Car dealers are being advised to get with the program if they don’t want to lose out on an important customer demographic.

A study by the J.D Power UK Customer Service Index has found that those who provide internet and text messaging services for scheduled service appointments and updates have a higher customer satisfaction rating with younger customers.

These customers who scheduled servicing through text messages or via an app generated the highest service initiation satisfaction score.

However, only 15 percent of customers are currently scheduling appointments in this fashion.

Of the satisfied respondents, 88 percent said they would definitely return to the same service centre for warranty work and 81 percent would return for paid service work

Despite the finding, the tried and true method of the telephone isn’t outdated proving to be an effective form of communication with two thirds of customers still ringing to make an appointment.

J.D Power Europe managing director Dr Axel Sprenger says car dealers who don’t keep up with the times may be missing out on a prime opportunity to connect.

“As younger consumers begin to account for a larger number of vehicle sales and service visits, it’s important for dealers to be able to cater to their needs to differentiate themselves from competitors.”

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