Car Technologies that help Older Drivers

Car Technologies that help Older Drivers

Studies find the best technologies older car drivers should have.

Car Technologies that help Older Drivers

Car Technologies that help Older Drivers - forward collision mitigation has been named as a technology that can be of help to older motorists.

Our cars are becoming safer, but they are also becoming a bit more complicated and perhaps not entirely friendly to older drivers.

We recently published our list of the cars that are the most senior-friendly, but while going for a model that is simple and basic might seem like the commonsense approach to staying behind the wheel longer, two studies in the US have found technology is key to staying safe and comfortable on the roads, longer.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) published the two studies that looked for strategies on how to help older motorists remain behind the wheel longer into their lives. The studies finding that there were actually six technologies that can be a big help to older motorists.

Six car technologies that can help older drivers:

  • Forward collision warning / mitigation: These systems can help prevent crashes by warning drivers of a potential collision or by automatically applying the brakes. For older drivers, this technology can improve reaction times and reduce crashes by up to 20%.
  • Automatic crash notification: These systems automatically alert emergency services in the event of a crash. Older drivers are more likely to suffer from the serious effects of a crash because of their age, which means these systems can provide a greater safety benefit to seniors.
  • Park assist with rearview display: This technology includes reverse cameras and obstacle-detection warning systems, which can help prevent crashes when pulling out of a parking space. About 95% of seniors want these systems in their next vehicle, while 55% reported that it can help reduce driver stress and workload.
  • Parking assist with cross-traffic warning: These systems utilize radar sensor technology to notify drivers of crossing vehicles when backing out of a parking space, and on some vehicles, the systems automatically can apply the brakes to prevent a collision.
  • Semi-autonomous parking assistance: These systems take over steering while moving into a parallel parking space, which can reduce stress and make parking easier for older drivers.
  • Navigation assistance: Turn-by-turn GPS navigation systems can provide older drivers with increased feelings of safety, confidence, attentiveness and relaxation, which can help seniors remain focused on the road and comfortable behind the wheel.

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