CarPlan Demon Machine Review

CarPlan Demon Machine Review

Joel Helmes checks out Rapid Dirt Shifter from CarPlan.

CarPlan Demon Machine Review
Demon Machine muck remover is as simple to use as spray on and hose off.

I recently reviewed the full suite of CarPlan Demon car wash products, including the Rapid Dirt Shifter.

While the vehicle I tested these products out on was both dirty and littered with some small bird deposits, nothing could compare to what our feathered friends (I’m presuming they weren’t bats or flying foxes) left down the side of this week’s review car – the Dodge Journey.

After noticing the damage (a bit hard to miss it!), I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out the Rapid Dirt Shifter from CarPlan.

About 48 hours after the aerial assault here’s how it went…

CarPlan Demon Machine Review
A good soaking lead to the muck noticeably breaking down.
CarPlan Demon Machine Review
A high pressure spray shifted the muck away.
CarPlan Demon Machine Review
The finished product - no scrubbing or wiping required.

Once again I was impressed with the CarPlan product. You can purchase the CarPlan Demon Wash range at auto retailers and on the Altrex website.

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