CarPlan Leather Connoisseur Kit

CarPlan Leather Connoisseur Kit

Our Product of the Week is the CarPlan Leather Connoisseur Kit.

One of the big changes that we have witnessed over the past decade or so is the steep increase in cars coming with a leather interior.

While once you had to virtually be a millionaire to have a leather interior, even cars that are what you would call ‘bargain buys’ today feature leather trim and that changes the way you have to maintain your car interior.

If you have leather trim, either seats and all, or simply highlights, such as steering wheel, on the selector or door panels, you need to make sure it is properly looked after, if not it will affect the look and value of your car, especially when exposed to the harsh Australian sun over the years.

The best way to look after your leather is to use our Product of the Week – the CarPlan Leather Connoisseur Kit.

This terrific CarPlan product easily cleans, protects and restores all colours of leather.

Order your CarPlan Leather Connoisseur Kit now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store.

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