China gets serious about electric cars

New mandates being introduced by China

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There is no doubt that momentum is gathering for the increased adoption of electrified vehicles, now comes a development that might just speed up that momentum.

China, a nation quickly becoming one of the auto industry powerhouses, recently announced plans to impose tougher limits on fuel consumption and emissions from cars and light trucks.

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The mandate will require 8% of car makers’ sales to consist of zero (tailpipe) emission vehicles in 2019 and is aimed at cleaning up the air above China’s largest cities.

China’s announcement comes after other countries announced future bans on the sale of combustion engine-only vehicles in the effort to limit air pollution.

A report on the Chinese mandate on electrified cars by Strategy Analytics says the announcement will have implications for car manufacturers across the globe.

The report saying it will be hybrid models that are most likely to see the most growth in China and this could see as many as 22 million electrified vehicles produced annually by 2024, a number up significantly on current production rates.

“Do not expect to see a mass conversion from diesel to battery electric overnight,” says Kevin Mak, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics.

“Auto makers face the challenge of meeting the near-term mandates with hybridization and still invest billions of dollars to enable a battery electric long-term future.”

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We’ll bring you further details on EVs/Hybrids in our Car News section.

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