Company Vehicle Needed, What Do You Recommend?

Sam is looking for some direction regarding new cars for his company.

Hey guys, We are a small company looking at getting some new company vehicles (x 3). We need vehicles that are easy to drive, reliable, safe and have a decent-sized boot.

We have considered the Mitsubishi ASX and the Toyota RAV4, but are there any station wagon type alternatives? Should we go for one of the little SUV models? Or can you suggest something else?

Thanks for your email Sam, we have discussed your situation with the Behind the Wheel team and have a few suggestions for you.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with the Mitsubishi ASX or the Toyota RAV4. The ASX is definitely more ‘car like’ than the RAV4, both though give you plenty of storage space with or without the rear seat folded down.

Some other cars you might want to consider include (follow the link for more info on each);

Let us know which way you go Sam, happy car hunting!

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Joel Helmes

Joel is the founder, editor and managing director of Behind the Wheel. Joel has a background as a radio broadcaster with on-air roles at 4BC, 4KQ, 2KY, 2LT and 2UE amongst others, as well as a news editor and program director. Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle. This continued on into his driving years owning an assorted collection of cars.