Crystal CB Radio DBH05 0.5W Review

Crystal CB Radio DBH05 0.5W Review

Simon Lai reviews the Crystal DBH09R CB Radio

Crystal CB Radio DBH05 0.5W Review
Crystal CB Radio DBH05 0.5W Review.

This is our final review of the Crystal CB radio range ending with the non-rechargeable DBH05.

It possesses the same design as the DBH09R but instead comes in a bright yellow casing.

And just like the 09R, all buttons are dedicated except the arrow buttons adjust the volume and the channel frequencies.

Out of all the buttons on the face of the unit the power button juts out the farthest so if you happen to place the handset face down on a flat surface, the weight of the radio can be enough to turn the power on (or off). This is the only issue in an otherwise good design.

The DBH05 has a stated range of 6km and an output of 0.5W.

Not surprisingly though the DBH05 didn’t perform as well as its brothers with the signal becoming weaker or cut off the more obstructions or distance were put between the two handsets.

But having said that, it’s still an affordable option given the comparatively cheaper price provided you plan to use in the right environment.

The Crystal DBH05 retails for RRP$49.99

The Crystal range of UHF CB Radio all come with 80 channels and an attachable belt clip and are available from Autobarn and independent automotive retailers.

For our other Crystal reviews check out the DBH10R and the DBH09R.

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