Data shows drivers don’t trust self-driving cars

But most of us would buy an autonomous vehicle

Data shows drivers don’t trust self-driving cars

Trust issues come to mind with the mere mention of an autonomous vehicle but a recent survey has found the majority of us would still like to own one.

The study by Reportlinker discovered 53% of people said they would buy a fully autonomous vehicle in the next purchase.

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This is despite the figure of 67% of respondents saying they wouldn’t feel safe in a car that drove itself and 73% are worried about their personal safety.

However, even if you’re comfortable with the idea, seven in ten people are unlikely to hand over the wheel saying that they love the experience of driving a car themselves.

Tesla appears to be most well-known autonomous vehicle brand with 16% of respondents ahead of Ford and Google.

When it comes to public transport the population remains to still be rather cynical with 59% stating they don’t think automated public transport will eventuate.

The younger generation are more open minded though nearly three quarters of older people said they would not use a bus or train driven by a robot even if available.

That comes after it was recently found that Autonomous cars would benefit younger people, along with disabled, and the elderly.

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How do you feel about autonomous cars? Are you ready to hand over the controls so you can relax instead of driving?

Or are you still a long way from trusting the tech?

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