Diesel passenger car sales continued to tank in May

Diesel passenger car sales continued to tank in May

Demand for diesel-powered cars slumps…

In the not too distant past we were heading towards the possibility of Australian car buyers choosing more diesel-powered vehicles than petrol.

Sure, that was when fuel prices were heading towards $2 a litre and car manufacturers were responding with impressive, very torquey, high-tech diesel engines.

But as fuel prices dropped so to did our interest in diesel cars.

VFACTS data for May 2017 shows another 22.3% decline in sales of diesel passenger cars with just over 500 “oil burners” delivered to private car buyers in the month.

Non-private diesel passenger car sales also dipped another 9.0% and SUV buyers, private and non-private, also shifted away from diesel at a rate 12.0% and 1.0% respectively.

What won’t come as a surprise though is that diesel-powered commercial vehicles i.e. dual-cab utes, experienced a 5.3% and 7.3% lift in demand among private and non-private buyers in May.

The shift away from diesels is something not unique to Australia, in the U.S. the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) has reported total sales of diesel passenger vehicles of 280,000 units.

Hanging in there - Hyundai continues to offer a diesel option in the new i30.

But, as is the case here, it was diesel-powered pick-up trucks that fuelled most of that demand increase according to the DTF Executive Director, Allen Schaeffer.

“The 2016 increase in diesel registrations was due to the expanding popularity and increasing number of choices in the light duty pickup market.

“This more than offset the slight decrease in diesel car registrations due to the drop-in number of choices available.”

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