Driving safely around mobility scooters

Driving safely around mobility scooters

Mobility scooters offer a new freedom for many people but they can also pose challenges for other road users.

Institute of Advanced Motorists head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman has told us that understanding the challenges on both sides and sharing the road is the key to keeping mobility scooter users safe.

“All road users have subtly different challenges and problems tend to arise when these challenges clash. But the groups aren’t mutually exclusive. The driver of a mobility scooter probably used to own a car. The Mum with the buggy might drive a bus for a living.”

Richard says following these tips is the key:

  • Be mindful of mobility scooters using or crossing roads
  • Give them space and only overtake when it is safe to do so
  • Dropped kerbs are the only way mobility and electric wheelchair users can cross a road easily, when parking, consider whether you’re inadvertently making it trickier for a less mobile person to get around
  • Be patient
  • Remember that waterproof covers can affect the vision of the driver/rider
  • Be prepared for someone who may be travelling slower than you

“Time is always too short but a bit of understanding of these conflicting needs goes a long way in making us more amicable road users. And a bit of empathy can make us feel better too.” Richard said.

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