February 15, 2020

Easy tips to get the best car trade-in price

Some simple ways to ensure you get the most cash for your car…

Easy tips to get the best car trade-in price

Next time you’re trading in a car, we reckon you should try and get the best possible price by doing some prep before you head in to your local car dealership.

Just a little time and effort can make a big difference and allows the car sales yard to see exactly what condition your vehicle is in, and what they will have in their possession to show to their other customers, should you decide to hand over your keys.

Easy tips to get the best car trade-in price

Clean your car inside and out

Vacuum, wash, clean and take out any coins, receipts or trash. Do your best to make your car look like new again.

Take care of easy-to-fix problems

These are things like making sure you have topped up your cars fluids, fill your tyres to the correct air pressure and repair any dings or scratches.

Hand over your cars history

Be sure to take any receipts of work you have had done to your car, as well as your (hopefully) complete service records.

Oh, and another idea is hand over to your car dealer the recorded history of the vehicle’s owners.

You can get this from online car history services for not a lot of money.

Be prepared

Make sure you have the owner’s manuals, all keys (including spare), and radio security code.

Get multiple offers

It pays to shop your car around. Get offers from a few different dealers first.

You may not have to buy your next car from the dealer with the best offer.


Go online and find out what cars of your vehicles make and model are selling for, both privately and in car sales yards.

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