Fifty-year anniversary of Subaru Boxer engine

Fifty-year anniversary of Subaru Boxer engine

It’s technology that is synonymous with Subaru and now the Japanese car manufacturer is marking the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine.

Fifty-year anniversary of Subaru Boxer engineFeaturing in every new Subaru car sold in Australia and around the world in 2016, on the 14th of May it will be five decades since the engine technology was first introduced in the Subaru 1000 compact passenger car.

Half a century on, Subaru has now manufactured more than 16 million Boxer engines.

In a statement released by Subaru tonight, the car company says it has continued to maximize advantages of its Boxer engines over the past fifty years and has continuously enhanced them to power its vehicles.

In a horizontally-opposed engine the pistons face each other in a side-to-side symmetrical layout.

Subaru say this enables the opposing pistons to cancel out the inertia force of each other, resulting in less vibration and better rotational balance.

The end result, according to Subaru, is a smooth feel right up to the high rev range.

While the horizontally-opposed design allows the engine to be fitted lower in the engine bay, helping to lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity to improve driving stability and handling performance.

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