Five-star safety for Fiat, Subaru and Mercedes-Benz models

ANCAP awards 500X, Impreza and E-Class maximum safety scores…

Five-star safety for Fiat, Subaru and Mercedes-Benz models

The latest ANCAP test results have been released and show three 2017 models qualified for the maximum safety rating.

The Fiat 500X, and new-generation models of the Subaru Impreza and Mercedes-Benz E-Class all grabbed the five-star ANCAP safety score.

“The release of these ratings sees a diverse spread of models meet the highest safety standards,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Goodwin.

“The Small Car and Compact SUV categories are highly competitive and the Impreza and 500X carry the 2016 date-stamp providing consumers with a leading choice in their respective categories,” he said.

“The E-Class has been awarded a 2016 datestamp and provides a long list of standard safety features and technologies.”

While the Fiat 500X and Subaru Impreza received some criticism from the testing body over the lack of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane support systems (LSS) as standard.

Mr Goodwin says these life-saving technologies should feature in all models, not just the top-spec variants.

“It’s disappointing these technologies have not been provided as standard across their respective model ranges and for the safety of all road users we want to see an increase in the fitting of this technology.”

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