Ford announces new hybrid and EV models

Ford to introduce seven new electrified vehicles before 2020…

Ford announces new hybrid and EV models

The Ford Australia line-up is set to start welcoming hybrid and electric vehicles in coming years after the U.S. car manufacturer committed to a new range of electrified vehicles.

Overnight, Ford confirmed it was moving ahead with seven hybrid/EV models including a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van, as well as hybrid versions of the F-150 pickup and the Mustang.

Ford also tell us that they have a fully-electric small SUV with an expected range of at least 300 miles (480km) in the pipeline.

That SUV offering is set to be a global model and looks almost certain to come to Australia.

Meantime, as the info-graphic below shows, Ford is also investing in new wireless charging technology…

Ford announces new hybrid and EV models

All the new Ford hybrid and electric models are expected to be on the roads by 2020, according to the Ford CEO, Mark Fields.

“As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better,”

“Our investments and expanding line-up reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

We will keep you updated with the latest Ford News through 2017.

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