Ford promises improvements to SYNC system

Second-generation of Ford’s in-car tech on the horizon.

Ford engineers are fine-tuning the latest version of the SYNC system.

The SYNC system found in the Ford range in 2014 usually gets a tick of approval from both journalists and car buyers. But Ford believes there is room for improvement.

A second-generation system will start appearing in Ford vehicles later in the year and the company says the upgraded in-car communications and entertainment system will be even more user friendly.

The new system, to be known as SYNC2, will enable users to control the car’s entertainment system, climate control, satellite navigation and linked mobile devices all by way of voice commands.

Ford is even promising that the system will take voice prompts, such as “I’m hungry”, and turn them into directions straight to local restaurants. The SYNC2 system will even call whichever restaurant you choose to enable you to make a reservation!

Beyond that, the updated system will recognize commands such as “warmer” to turn up the air conditioning, and if you want the system to play a song – you just say the name of an artist or track and away it goes.

Bob Graziano, Chief Executive Officer and President of Ford Australia, says SYNC2 will be a lot more intuitive than the current system.

“Australian drivers are fast adopters of in-car technology, so we’re extremely excited to introduce SYNC2 to the ever evolving list of Ford-developed technologies.”

“SYNC2 brings a new level of sophistication to voice control, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.”

Joel Helmes

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