Ford says Australian car buyers keen on EcoBoost


Ford has released sales data showing a more than doubling in the sale of its models powered by EcoBoost engines.

The small-capacity turbocharged engines now feature in Ford models ranging from the Fiesta to the Mustang and through the first quarter of 2016 sales of Ford cars with EcoBoost engines in Australia increased more than 100% to just over 3000 units.

Much of that growth has come from an upswing in Ford Kuga sales in Australia this year.

Ford Australia boss Graeme Whickman says the EcoBoost engines are satisfying car buyers due to their low fuel consumption and healthy power outputs.

“Ford Kuga is a big reason for our EcoBoost momentum, which we plan to build on with our new campaign to appeal to young families looking for better fuel economy and other innovations such as SYNC2 to make their trips more enjoyable with features such as WiFi for their kids,”

“The new Mustang also has created a halo for our brand, including drawing attention to our EcoBoost technology.”

‘‘We expect EcoBoost sales to continue their upward trend, as Australian drivers and young families prioritise fuel efficiency, even in a climate of relatively low fuel prices, and Ford Australia shifts even more focus to the technology across our range.”

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