Fuso Heavy fits the bill for Rob

Fuso Heavy fits the bill for Rob

Rob Cook hasn’t let a helicopter crash stop him and the former rodeo champion is still in the driver’s seat running a successful cattle operation in South East Queensland.

Fuso Heavy fits the bill for RobFuso Trucks recently caught up with Rob, who is a quadriplegic and still runs much of the business operations, and his wife Sarah to check in on how their Fuso Heavy truck was faring on the job.

Sarah, who has spent hours behind the wheel of the truck, says the Fuso really hasn’t missed a beat.

“It really is no effort to drive, it’s easy.”

“I was a bit worried going out for the first time with the dog trailer up the Bruce Highway, but it was ok. It generally takes me a little bit to settle, and feel where you are sitting on the road and then it is fine.”

Powered by a Daimler-sourced 12-litre six-cylinder engine that makes 400hp, the Fuso pulls a custom-built dog trailer.

While Rob, who uses voice automation computer technology to get things done, says he’s glad the business went with the Fuso, a choice made on the recommendation of a diesel-fitter friend.

He says the custom trailer and stock crate have been a great investment too.

“Because the truck has rear airbags, we just built an A-frame at the same height as the truck, so you can just dump the airbags and drive out from under the stock crate, making it easy and versatile for shifting equipment between farms.”

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